Marcykeys- Bio of The Sexy & Inspirational Vibe Goddess

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Quick Stats:

  • Date of Birth:  January 22nd
  • Place of Birth: Imo State,Orsu LGA
  • Occupation: Musician, Songwriter, Guitarist
  • Genre: Afro pop, AFRO – DANCE HALL
  • Years Active: 2016- Till Present
  • Collaborations: PERUZZI, ZINOLEESKY
  • Social Media Handles: Instagram- @IAMMARCYKEYS
  • Inspirations & Role Models: MUM, RIHANNA, ADELE
  • Favorite Color: black
  • Favorite Food: PLANTAIN
  • Latest Single: Ginger ft Zinolesky

EZEALA GLORIA NKECHI popularly known as Marcykeyz was born on January 22nd in Orsu L.G.A of Imo state.

She began her musical career as an afro dance-hall artist professionally in 2017.

However, this song writer and bassist started music at the tender age of 8 at her local church choir.

Blessed with such vocal power, sonorous voice and charming personality, the young Gloria started writing her own songs at the age of 14.

In 2009, she had her first real exposure and studio experience when she recorded a song with friend – Kool B during her stay in Enugu.

While pushing for a place to study in Auchi Politechnic Edo State, Marcykeyz had a rethink of her study choices and instead opted to gain more academic knowledge in music.

With this in mind, she subsequently enrolled into the prestigious Peter king College of Music at Oko-afor area of Badagry in Lagos- after arriving the city of Lagos from Benin city in 2014.

As she progressed academically in this institution, Marcykeyz majored in music theory and practice for two years. Learning to play the piano and bass guitar, an experience that has positively impacted her musical career and espoused her ingenuity as an artiste.

After her sojourn in Music School (that lasted four semesters (two academic years)); Marcy graduated in 2016 and started working on her music.

In 2017, The self styled “VIBE GODDESS”, recorded her debut single titled- “For You” produced by her manager cum producer- Boy Sean, in Benin City.

A song that brought her to limelight; catapulting her to relevance while gaining massive attention & air-plays across many radio and TV stations in Nigeria.

Currently signed to Mastar Mind Records, a record label based in Lagos Nigeria. Marcykeyz has gone ahead to record more hit songs and has also done some major collaborations with big musical acts and industry icons like Perruzzi (in Kpariwo) and Zino Leesky (in Ginger).

As a female act in the Industry, Marcykeyz is quite a controversial character, yet down to earth and very sociable person.

In a recent Interview she granted Gbedustreet TV, she was asked what she thinks about her comparison with fellow dancehall act- Cynthia Morgan- hear her:

Well Cynthia is Cynthia, and Marcykeyz is Marcykeyz. But again we are two adorable and sexy women doing good music, most notably dancehall music.. so comparing the both of us does not necessarily define our strong feminism and wonderful persona…(she retorted) see interview below for more highlights.


Song TitleYear of ReleaseMastering & Production/Video
4 MIN March 19th 2017 Boy Sean
VIBE7th July 2017 & Music video released 19th July 2017 Boy Sean
Music video Directed by Charly Jaunty
SOWETOaudio released on the 6th December 2017
Video- 8th Jan 2018
Audio production by Boy Sean
Video- Tyrak Films
FIRST TIME LOVE 22nd June 2018(audio)
19th November 2018 (Visuals)
Kiiuz (audio)
video Directed by Avalon
Take Me25th December 2018(audio)
26th June 2018 (Video)
Avo Films(visuals)
Kpariwo ft Peruzzi 18th September 2019 (audio)
October 2019 (video)
Boy Sean (DaHitMaker)
Ginger ft Zinoleesky
January 17th 2020
Boy sean (da hitmaker)

Awards & Nominations

Awards & NominationsAwarding InstitutionStatus

Marcykeys is undoubtedly one of the most promising and talented female acts currently sending shockwaves around the entire gamut of the music industry in Nigeria.

Marcykeyz is young, hot, sexy and endowed, sociable, beautiful and downright amazing and super talented.

Her genre of music kinda sets her aside and gives her this uniqueness and confounding mien.

Come to think of it, speaking patios (PATWA) for fun could be daunting, let alone using it as a music language.

But Marcykeyz does that effortlessly, infusing her strong personality, sensuality and sexuality in the whole mix.

As this phenomenal character blessed with immense musical talent continue to evolve for the better; we would always look out for her as she climbs the rungs of success, solidifying her ascendancy at the top of musical royalty.

All reliant on her positive & regal ambience, beauty and poise- we know we are yet to see the very best of the VIBE GODDESS.

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