Meet the GbeduStreet Team!

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He is the Lead player here and self styled “Headmaster” and Gbedustreet TV. A simple dude who sees life from a simplistic point of view. 

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Black beauty & Self Styled “GBEDUSTREET STAR LADY”. Frances has been an integral  part of the company from inception till date. She transitioned from being a content development personnel to a Presenter

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Unserious sheyi is a poet, a writer who started blogging as a career in 2013 at sheymmansblog. He is also a social/digital media strategist who loves exploring the internet while finding new ways to make it a better place.

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Undoubtedly the youngest member of the team, but resourceful and so fast to learn new tips and tricks of the biz. 

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Tega is quite the diva on screen and has a way of warming herself to her audience. Blessed with a good voice over a fine face to add to a long list of the qualities that defines her personality

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The most sociable person you can encounter and the “FACE” of the Brand and also a pioneer of the Gbedustreet Brand. Beautiful in mind, disposition and carriage. Classy with a sense of humor that makes a lot of sense.

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The man on Duty does so many heavy lifting both in front of the camera and even behind. So talented in audience engagement and how to keep you relaxed while watching our many programs.

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