Merry in Christmas -exclusive on gbedustreet-

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Hello merry people. How is the enjoyment going? Everybody is doing on thing or the other to enjoy this celebration season and i hope you are also having a nice time too. Although some issues are brewing beneath the surface, the heart of the people are somehow finding a way to be happy or merry as the case may seem.

We keep saying smile, be happy, eat and be merry. well, its okay to be merry but abeg oh, no shayo pass your level.

Today, a lot of people would do so many crazy things, break limits, get wild and more. It’s important that we understand that the adrenaline is really high this season and a lot things are surely bound to happen.

Flex safe, stay on the look out and most importantly have fun! yep, someone once said, problem no dey finish…….. and yes that’s the truth, our 9ja adage says big man, big problem.

this simply means we should make the most out of everything we got. do not be bothered about what you don’t have, rather be thankful for all you have.

From us here at Gbedustreet, we say merry Christmas and a happy new year. stay connected to Gbedustreet.

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