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by Mar 30, 2020Outside Music

Mistake is a word commonly used in everybody’s life, “there’s nobody without a mistake”. Hmmm….
So i came into an understanding that everybody sees unfortunate periods as a product of mistakes but sometimes, what we call mistakes are just the right events we needed in our lives to become who we ought to be.

I will not hide my tears, I will not cover my shame and scars, falling had become a part of me that it no longer mattered. The walk of life is not about carrying the holier than thou mindset or Mr and Mrs perfection attitude, “oh I’m this and that”.

I fell, I would still fall but the difference in me is that I fall and rise and not just rise but I rise with a better understanding because I have fallen so hard I couldn’t pick myself up but Christ in his might and love picked me up and taught me how not to fall and fail.

On his way to the cross Christ fell, life hits us too hard at times but we must rise just as Christ choose to rise with the help of Joseph. This is a symbol to believers that Christ is with us through it all and when we fall he is always available to help us rise but this can only happen when we are willing to rise and continue.

Like a child, the mistakes we make and made, trains us and builds us for what’s to come. So we complain about mistakes but hey! What you see as a mistake and unfortunate event could actually be a step planned by God to train you. A Bible portion says….the footsteps of the righteous are ordered by God…

In an interview, T.D Jake’s said “I almost quit because what I knew to be passion and career was destroying my heart due to critics” but then he said he met a woman who told him something that kept him back on track. She said “it’s not for them, it’s for us”.

When God leads, it doesn’t always have to be in your interest only, there are people he wants to reach out to though you. (Ask Jonah and Joseph)

During the struggles, you are on destinies path, through the wilderness, continue, there’s a Canaan land waiting to be explored. Thomas Edison failed multiple times but he continued till he got what he wanted. Don’t be scared to fail, Stop complaining and start preparing. Learn, love and live.

So you married this spouse and your life takes a new turn you don’t really appreciate and you are wishing you married the other person back then. Have you tried exploring your prison cell and surroundings? There’s always a purpose for those that God leads.

So you “Mistakenly” made a wrong decision to move out of your former location and now you regret it but here’s a truth. You cannot overcome what you don’t face.

You are here/there for a purpose, that so called mistake could just be a system of Divine planning on directing you to where God wants for you and someone. God’s plan is always best and reliable.

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