Mlow Official Slowly Professes his “Unconditional Luv” Feat Loco de la Cruz

by Oct 7, 2018International

↓Download “Unconditional Luv” by Mlow Official feat Loco de la Cruz↓

Mlow Official is one of the hottest trending and pacesetting Canadian rappers and lyricists killing it big time as far as global Hip Hop is concerned; and coming on the heels of his recent collabo with Nigerian ace singer and Crush crooner- Loco de la Cruz in Special One– comes yet another marriage of Canadian & Nigerian pop tunes; and this time The duo decides to take it a little slow as they drop this hot sensual and soul relieving sound and they call this one – Unconditional Luv

Unconditional Luv could be regarded as a sequel to their first collaborative effort, Special One. I kinda loved the slow premise the song resumes on with Loco de La Cruz taking the cue and creating a well orchestrated intro. The song talks about the exceeding love Mlow Official has in his heart for his flame. A song for the ladies, one filled with so much sensuality and romantic mien, profound and appealing even to the strongest of hearts.

The intro was quite awesome, taking you through the strange and appealing path that speaks so much of love, with Loco singing sonorously, then Mlow Official jumps in, albeit slowly but conscientious in every regard, enlisting cool lyrics that blends perfectly with the Afro pop/North American harmonics that’ll gradually take over your entire system, while you rock to the slow jam that soulfully cascades down, making you live in the magical moment.

The track was produced by Loco de La Cruz, who did a beautiful job with the tempo, dropped over slow beats and superb vocals.

Mlow Official & Loco de La Cruz have this working chemistry that’s above board, so scintillating and almost inexplicably confounding especially for people with varied music and pop culture backgrounds.

I truly felt the sound and I daresay that Unconditional Luv is a sound with chart topping prospects, one with all the bells & rings of what good music should sound like. The track is also live on the iTunes Store You can stream it there and get to feel the beauty when Afro pop yunes are fused into contemporary American vibes.

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↓Download “Unconditional Luv” by Mlow Official feat Loco de la Cruz↓

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