Mr. Perosky adds some Yankee vibes in “New Friends” feat Tytrack

Mr Perosky feat Tytrack in New Friends

Mr. Perosky is no stranger to international collaborations, this time he takes it to the yanks in this new track he calls – “New Friends” featuring American singer and vocalist- Tyrack.

The song resumes on a synth note with Tytack dropping the hook, then Mr . Perosky jumps in albeit steadily with his lyrics rendered rather slow and somewhat conscientious.

New Friends is a song that espouses the need for building bridges and the beauty of true friendships. Tytreezy takes production credits for this piece.

Again, Perosky whose hot joint titled Bullshit with German based rapperStone Baba; combines the Afrocentric flavor infused in some American swag and Tytrack ensures that he gives the entire rendition some face-lift as both acts delivers their lyrical and vocal clout in this joint. 

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