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by Oct 15, 2022MUSIC

Terkuma Aga aka BRASEN was born and raised in Benue State in the  North-central part of Nigeria. He is a hardworking music promoter, content writer, streams/likes/followers/views plug and an outstanding gospel artist. In search for a peculiar name for his brand, he came across a list of names on a prominent website and that is how the name stuck with him. The name BRASEN means ” God’s gift ”. The artist veers into professional music this year with the release of this great sound, Abide in me. Abide means to remain, to continue. It is a constant receiving of God’s spirit, a life of unreserved surrender to his service. Inspired from John 15:4, Brasen cries and desires to remain in God, as the very life of the branch depends on being attached to the vine. He wants to connect daily with God through prayer, worship, and study of the word, to experience a fruitful life. It is mixed and mastered by Thacrown with backing from David Terdoo Uke, Judith Orhemega, Joy Ikyordoo, Love Dooshima Ahula and Saanmoiyol Alom. 

Brasen’s new spirit filled sound will have you worshiping with all your heart. Download and don’t forget to share.

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I endeavor to remain attached to you

Just like the branches 

have to remain attached to the vine

In order to bear good fruits and in plenty

Lord, pour me your providence, wisdom, love, grace 

so that I will be able to serve you to the best of my abilities

Can you make it a prayer today?

Help me choir

Verse 1 :

Abide in me (abide in me) as I abide in you 

(Quicken me to say your name) Quicken me to say your name

(My heart desire is to be with you)  My heart desire is to be with you 


(Abide) Abide in me

(Abide in me)Abide in me

(Stay with me)Abide in me

(Lord)Abide in me

Oh Lord

The Psalmist said in Psalm 91:1 : He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the most high. The is difference between abiding and visiting. The promises are only for those who abide not visitors. Are you abiding in Christ or you are just a visitor. Examine yourself. 

Help me choir

Verse 2 :

Your secret place (is), (where I want to be)where I want to be

(Looking daily at your holy face) Looking daily at your holy face 

(One with the father)

One with the father (Knowing his ways)

Knowing his ways 


(Abide in me)Abide in me

(Abide in me)Abide in me

(Lord) Abide in me

(Abide in me) Abide in me

Oh Lord

Bridge :

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh 

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh 

Oh Oh Oh 

Can you sing it with me?

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh 

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh 

Oh Oh Oh 

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh (Let it be that I no longer do things by my flesh)

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh (but by your words O Lord) 

Oh Oh Oh (let it be, let it be, let it be, prince of peace)

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh 

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh 

Oh Oh Oh 

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh (lu ken amo aba tere)

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh (alu u ngu ken amo gayo uma wam una lu a jaga)

Oh Oh Oh (lu ken amo, lu ken amo, aba tere, lu ken amo)

Written By Dare Frost

Dare Alade also known as Frost a Passionate Editor, Blogger. needless to say much, I hope you find me interesting.

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