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by Jul 25, 2021Music Business

Music Promotion in Nigeria that Prioritizes you

As a Nigerian Artist looking for effective ways and means to get more listens, downloads, streams, and eyeballs to your music, your options are sadly limited.

Even with the proliferation of Music Promotion Blogs in Nigeria, you are confronted with issues like – Low downloads, poorly written often plagiarized reviews that do not reflect the content of your song, your song getting deleted after a day or two on the blog, and just about every other negativity that will impede your growth as an Artist.

Where we come in

Now we do not brag and say we can take your career to the rooftop in minutes, but what we can assure you is that we have empathy and we understand the plight of Upcoming acts.

This is why many artists who have worked with us in the past can attest to this, for this reason, I will be Listing 10 real Reasons MUSIC Artists promote their music via our platform- Gbedustreet,

Here are the 10 Reasons in case you don’t know

NUMBER ONE- We Write The Best Reviews

we write the best reviews for your songs on gbedustreet- Music Promotion in Nigeria

Yes, we can beat our chest, and as we take this badge of honor as the Music Promotion site in Nigeria with the best song reviews, we do so with pride and a track record of delivering the best and most exquisitely written Music Reviews in the entire Industry!

This is so because we, first of all, listen to your songs firstly when you send them to us. We take the time to digest it and then make it relatable to your audience who want to know what your music is about.

Then we create stunning reviews that are free of plagiarism and unique.

Even when we distribute to other sister blogs, we also craft reviews for every blog we are sending your songs for uploads.

Benefit of Good Reviews for your Music

  • Encourages more streams and downloads; as people who have never heard about you or your music get to read the review before they stream or download.
  • Makes your song easily discoverable on Search engines, Our reviews are content rich, Google love this and you also get the benefit of easy discovery in less than 48 hours after your song goes live on our site.
  • Properly written reviews, grants you more credibility as an Artist- when people read about your song, how it was created, the vibe around and more, it gives you more credibility.

NUMBER TWO – It is Cheap and very Affordable:

We understand that as an Upcoming act waiting in the wings to hit it big as an Artist, you are low on cash.

Not having the funds to promote your songs and your brand, will greatly impede the progress you make as an Artist. I know a lot of you can relate to this assertion.

This is why we had to slash the price for Promoting your songs via our platform, and we also give you value even at this low price; something that blows the minds of many acts who have patronized us in the past.

You can click the button below for a detailed list of our price list –

NUMBER 3- Get a free “WIKIPEDIA” like Profile Page

One of the perks of promoting with us is that we also give you a free profile page that will enhance your visibility as an Artist.

This page will contain the most relevant and basic information that pertains to you. Stuff like your discography, collaborations, bio, and more.

The benefit of having a Profile page:

  • When people look you up on Google, they get to see who you are as well as what your brand and music is all about.
  • Get more opportunites and collaborations, because people like Googling things, especially when they want to conduct a background check on you. This makes it easy for both brands, labels, influencers, blogs and your future fans to know more about you.

Music listeners love curated playlists to make it easier for them to play songs that are relative to their mood at a set time and moment.

You see them searching for terms like “hot Nigerian party songs” “best Nigerian workout songs” best Nigerian songs for clubbing” and terms that will allow your songs to be easily discovered on search.

Now, what we simply do is that when we are curating this playlist, we include your songs with those of the big names in the game. Making it relatively easy for your song to be downloaded and streamed with those of the big dogs in the game.

Number 5- Get on Our Monthly DJ Mixes:

Trust me DJ Mixes are one of the best ways to get popping as an Artist. Know this- we have worked with many DJs whose mixes are topnotch and really banging.

Number SIX- Add your Songs to many other Highly Trafficked Blogs & Sites:

We work with other blogs and music promotion sites, this saves you the hassle of contacting all of them to have your songs featured on their websites- individually.

It also saves you a ton of money because most of these sites charge you fees that are cool but would inadvertently bore holes in your pockets when you start paying blogs after blogs after sites.

But we aggregate all the tasks at one low cost and serve your songs on the pages on these other sites in a no-holds-barred manner.

Number SEVEN- Free Acess to Perform at our Shows

We organize shows, we also collaborate with other show organizers and promoters as a media partner.

One of the perks is that we have access to these shows and we also have the benefit of including you on the roasters of any of the shows to perform as long as the podium is available for doing so.

Then at our own shows, you are the “Star”; you are the priority and most importantly, you always have the stage to showcase your talent- unbridled, unhindered, and totally free!

Number EIGHT- Be A guest at OUR Studios for a Promotional Interview

We have our shows’ on the major distribution platforms (Youtube. Instagram); soon some of these shows will be aired on mainstream Radio and even TV channels.

Again this makes it easy for you to have your song featured during the breaks as a jingle or musical interlude.

With this, you even have more chances to make the world listen to you even as they regale to the beauty of your sounds!

Number NINE- Invite us to your Behind the Scene Shoots for a Free Coverage:

Let’s be your guest when you have Behind the Scene shoots for your Music videos, Album and Ep Listens and Launches and anything you are doing that requires a media brand and presence.

Number TEN- Add your Songs, EPs as well Albums to Digital Streaming Platforms:

Having your songs on all the major Music Streaming and Distribution platforms like – Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, TikTok, Snapchat, Deezer, Shazam, Tidal, MediaNet and so many others; will open up more doors as well as opportunities to blow up your career.

We help you get this accomplished quite easily and fast too, with no strings attached and for one low price.

Benefits of adding your songs to the Libraries of Digital Streaming sites

  • Your songs now have a global reach
  • Gain new fans
  • Get an Artist Bio page that are powerfully optimised for Google
  • Your chances of featuring on big global playlist is enhanced
  • EARN BIG INCOME from streams generated via downloads and streams

Are you ready to take your musical career to the New Level?

Start your Music Promotion Now!

see our music promotion page for details and prices

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