Nearly hundreds of people dead as explosion rocks Lebanon

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Just like a dream, an entire area in the city of Beirut Lebanon experienced a very shocking and devastating bomb blast.

The bomb blast had got thousands of people injured and over 70 people dead. Although the exact cause is yet to be known or disclosed but then the explosion started off in a warehouse that has been reported to have stored highly explosive materials for over 6 years.

This isn’t the first time such is happening in Lebanon, they experienced many like this during the war between them and Israel.

An eye witness said he watched how the smoke came up and then there was a big sound that got him deaf for some minutes.

He also said the incident reminded him of a similar incident that happened some years ago in Lebanon.

This is really a tight time for the country as they are still struggling with economical crisis and leadership misconduct.

The prime minister of Lebanon in his speech said “those guilty of this explosion would be prosecuted and must pay for their crime”.

We from Gbedustreet send out our heart felt condolences to every victim of the bomb blast, we also pray for our dear country Nigeria as the northern states struggle with insurgencies and attacks.

Stay safe and connected as we bring you the latest updates.

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