Neyo, Mr Romantic (Back in days)

by Apr 9, 2020Vintage & Old School

Hello there wonderful viewers on Gbedustreet, how the stay at home dey be na? This is another wonderful episode of the Back in the day series.

Today we bring you a romance mystro from the previous decade, the Hollywood Mr Romantic “NEYO” himself, we dish you his most lovely songs back then, from the singles to the remix. Enjoy!

Neyo – Miss Independent

This is specially dedicated to every woman out there, pushing and struggling for herself and love ones. We love you

Neyo – Beautiful Monster

This is really one song that got the vibes of a lovely but dangerous lover. Neyo delivers his neat and skilful dance moves, Enjoy!

Neyo Ft. Trey Songz x T pain – The Way You Move

It’s really lovely to get in the slow romance mood but this one is that sexual and seductive groove for the night.

Neyo Ft. Mariah Carey – Angels Cry

A wonderful song like this could make broken lovers cry and get back together in love. Enjoy!

Neyo – One in a Million

Yea… For that wonderful person… This is dedicated to that one who keeps us on our toes. “You are special”

Neyo – Mad

Oh, this song just makes me cry (but I’ve lost the key to my tears). It’s a really nice song and it touches my heart. Feel it!

Neyo – Part Of The List

I dunno if Neyo had a lot of heart breaks but he sure loved writing songs about heartbreaks. Enjoy this master piece!

Neyo – Because Of You

Awwn… This is just lovely. Words can’t describe this one just feel the magic.

Neyo – Closer

Another wonderful hit track from Neyo again. Enjoy the dance moves.

Neyo – So Sick

This is a song for those that to move on but fail Everytime. Enjoy it!

And so we bring this to a close. We hope you enjoyed it and we hope to see you same blog everyday as we just can’t let you down with the best of entertainment.

Stay safe and stay connected to Gbedustreet.

© Ultimate Akpenyi

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