Nigerians blast Winners, COZA and other churches for holding service.

by Mar 22, 2020News & Happenings

In a bid to control and contain the Corona-virus cases in the country today, a lot of efforts have been put in and this includes closing down big gatherings across the nation.

Today, Winners Chapel, COZA and some other churches held services containing over hundreds of persons in the gathering.

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, Senior pastor of COZA
Bishop David O. Oyedepo of Winners Chapel (LFC Worldwide)

As at yesterday, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, Senior pastor of COZA took to his social media platforms to send an information that the Sundays service will be held as they had received permission from the government in Abuja. He further stated that the church would be rearranged in a very spaced manner and sanitation services would be provided.

Today lots of angry Nigerians got on their social media platforms to speak against the pastor’s.

Here are some of them, written below.

Click2go1 on Instagram wrote, “Have always said all these churches are mad. But guess what nothing will be done. Coronavirus will kill thousands in Nigeria.

@tosinleko on Instagram wrote, “Even the country where the religion came from is on lock down. In the Bible when the angel of death was passing by God told his people to be on lock down and put the blood on their door. It didn’t say gather in my temple. This country is really a shit hole.”

@khemfat_couture on Instagram wrote, “I refuse to be blind spiritually.”

@dis.harriet_sef on Instagram wrote, “I don’t blame this man. I blame the idiots who went to his church. Endanger your lives and you endanger everyone’s lives.

Although during the church’s gathering, prayers were raised in intercession for the world at large, so many Christian believers kicked against the gatherings, some said they gathered members because they couldn’t afford to lose the money to be gotten from offerings and tithes.

Below are some tweet images concerning this matter.

What’s your take on this issue? Kindly comment below in the comments section.

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