Olamide’s 999 EP, DOPE OR TRASH?

by Feb 14, 2020Album Reviews

Olamide’s 999 EP Cover

Olamide recently released an EP and named it 999 but here’s the issue. An EP is less than 8 tracks with an average of 4 tracks but Olamide goes on to call a 9 track Album an EP, why?

First of we should know that this is our favorite rappers tenths (10th) studio Album and we know he is well experienced in the music game after all he’s the boss to YBNL NATION home to Artists like Fireboy DML and others. He took a risk with this release as the music market has gone really far and he needed to catch up.


The only song on the acclaimed EP with some recognition is WONMA and though the EP enjoys alot of collaborations with good rap artist, it still doesn’t look dope according to the Olamide we know. don’t want to sound too critical but if he called this an Album he knew the market would have shoved it aside because almost every week new Albums are struggling to gain a spot on the iTunes music store.

Olamide is a very good indigenous rappers in the sense that he kills any beat if he raps in his local dialect (Yoruba ) but in this EP he attempted the foreign works and he could only spit simple bars on bars and rhymes. His diction couldn’t make up for it and that just killed it.


I know you might be a die hard fan of Olamide, I also love his rap prowess but that’s when he’s on his paths. Olamide could come up with something better and he would surely be remembered for being a great Naija rapper. In the local scene his English rap might make up some points but amongst rappers like NASTY C, AKA, NF and the others on the foreign scene he would be considered a learner and what he released would not make it to the rap Album radar.

we all love Olamide and I believe he can come up with something better, besides he needs a very good A&R with great listening ears to help him dig deeper for that Olamide Badoo we know, the one that recorded eyan Mayweather, Eni Duro, Ilefo Illuminati and many others.


for me it’s a good album but Olamide is better than this. so what’s your take on this EP?

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