Olhazy pleads for her Love in “Biko”

by Sep 24, 2018Afro pop

↓Download “Biko” by Olhazy↓

Olhazy is an upcoming afro pop singer serenading the ladies big time with his sonorous voice and lover boy mien as he does in this hot and banging single he titles- “Biko”; a track that sets the tone for the parsing of some pretty love messages to his love interest.

Biko, an Igbo phrase that means “please” in English, sees our boy Olhazy, subtly pleading for the love of this damsel that makes his heart rob. The track resumes on a rather soft yet steady tone, and stylishly cascades down, carrying with it a lot of sensuality and superb harmonics that sinks deep into the auditory perception of the listener.

I specifically loved the well orchestrated vocals and the beautiful manner in which Olhazy dropped the lyrics, telling a story of love and compromise; with deep meaning, dropped cool, then slowly to the bewilderment of the female folks.

The track was produced by Hemykul, a producer who understands the use of slow and steady beats, blended deep with some hot flavored Naija comtemporary beats, with a little Western styled pop, with top notch vocals that beautifully overwhelms you as you listen through the vocals Olhazy utilized in the course of this rendition.

I urge every fan of good music and specifically this genre of afro pop tune, to go feel this track and most importantly download, share and enjoy!

↓Download “Biko” by Olhazy↓

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