Oliver Trip Drops Another Classic Version of “IF” feat Sturna B

by Jun 28, 2018Afro pop, Naija hip hop, New Releases

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Oliver-Trip is one helluva creative Rapper/Vocalist and showcases his ingenuity in this hot sound that sees him combining a little bit of high-life and hip-hop in this song he calls –“IF” and adds some sexy twist by featuring this diva with a sonorous voice –Sturna B.

IF is a song that deals with real life situations where love is tested beyond its extremes especially when there’s a dearth of material acquisitions and sees Oliver-Trip asking a rhetorical question “even if I no get money… will you still love me ?…” while hoping he gets the answer even IF its going to be confounding to say the least.

The intro of this song is one that attracts the attention of the listener, a little laid back but matched perfectly in slow rhythm then spiced up with the sweet vibration of the guitar, not forgetting the steady beats that serenaded the whole production in a manner that’s soothing to the ears and sensuality of the listener. The vocal delivery of both acts is mind blowing even when it was obvious that Oliver-Trip had his verses delivered in Falz the Bahd Guy’s style and Sturna B assuming the role of Simi.

One other thing I truly loved about this song is the compilation of the lyrics in clear narratives, telling you a story of love and reality, basing the context with common situations ubiquitous in our society of today, where love can only be sold to the highest bidder.

The song was produced by Jayklassic whose deft production touches leaves you in awe especially as hip-hop and highlife are two extreme genres, more like mixing oil and water, you know the rest of the story.

IF is a beautiful effort, a song for moms pops, honeys, broads and dem slay mamaz! I personally commend Oliver -Trip even when he ain’t asking for more, he makes his fans and listeners do. So I urge y’all to go download and listen to this song and get a feel when hip hop meets highlife in style, grace and poise!

Written By chinemere onuekwusi

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