Oluwa JCee Spits Hardcore Clapbacks in “KOKOKO”

by Sep 26, 2018Naija hip hop

↓Download “KOKOKO” By Oluwa JCee↓

Oluwa JCee is one of the few hardcore lyricist who still stays through and real to the game, he truly understands the art of keeping hip hop pure and unbridled; while infusing some real trap into the mix; and he does so in this hot poetic rendition he titles- “KOKOKO”, a track well layered with verbal punchlines, lyrical fury and conscious flow.

KOKOKO is one helluva saucy rap verses, dropped raw, with so much explicit wordings, matched with pace, racy and all together colored with some very complex rhyme pattern. One that truly lives up to its bidding. Oluwa Jcee could be likened to the Naija version of Eminem, he truly has it him and listening to him still gives you hope that Hip Hop ain’t dead after all.

I loved the intro, then the manner in which Oluwa Jcee jumps on the track, spitting some top notch lyrics, though he kinda sounded like Olamide when he still had the street in him, nevertheless- he still distinguished himself in this story styled delivery that trumps everything dropped lately by fellow indigenous rappers. Again I felt the purity in his lyrics, even when he made the Yoruba language his choice of verbal arsenal. I even picked up some rather spicy punchy bars while he was deep in flow; feel it:

“we no dey d same class.. me i be ya Principal…

Oluwa Jcee is another power rapper who has his eyes set for the lyrical throne of the top rap aficionados who are currently sellouts and weak flowing lyricists, KOKOKO, which many regard as the sound of the knock on the doors of fading rappers, is a wakeup call, as Oluwa Jcee threatens to beat them at their game. Its either they fix-up or he forcefully sends them into early lyrical retirement.

So I encourage all fans and apostle of true hip hop to go feel this hot delivery, download it and share it too.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts, let’s know what you think about this hot POETIC Verses!

↓Download “KOKOKO” By Oluwa JCee↓

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