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As a Media Production Company, we are proud to have produced our own shows.

  • Timeout With Tega

  • Wetin Eyes Dey See

  • Mind Your Business

  • Street Thangz (our weekly Vox Pox Show)

Timeout With Tega

Timeout With Tega is a weekly Clelebrity Magazine Program. On the Show, Your Favourite onscreen Girl entertains, edicates and thrills you with hot Celebrity Gossips & Gists

Wetin Eye De See

Wetin Eye De See is a program that xrays the ills and bizarre happenings both within Lagos and Beyond. Join Your Boyfriend- Gouti on Duty and Favourite Slay Queen – Esther Gemma; as both of them take you on this JOURNEY!

Mind Your Business

The Business Environment is chnaging everyday; Mind Your Business with Precious Obi is a Program that brings many business Leaders who come on the Show to Talk About thier Models and Sucess

Street Thangz on Gbedustreet

Street Thangz is a VOX POX program that deals on a wide Variety of issues ranging from peer pressure, govermemt policies, marital issues, relationship and more.

Here we hit the Street to ask the people for their opinions on many topics of interest!

Latest on Gbedustreet

Timeout With Tega

Timeout With Tega with your Host Tega Andrews is one of our top shows.

The Season One of the Show had 15 Episodes and covered almost every celebrity News, Gossip, Beef, Controversy and more,

The Show makes a Return in Season Two and will be premiering soon.

Some Highlights of Season One Includes;


See Some Hot Episodes of Timeout With Tega Now Showing!

How Tekashi 69 came back to Hip Hop Consciousness after snitching and spending time behind Bars; Here your Host- Tega Andrew takes you through the story on this screaming hip hop King.

His many controversies, clout chasing stints & more!

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Here your favourite Onscreen Gal- Tega; looks at The Many Beefs of Wikid and Its Impact on the Nigerian Music scenes.

She lists all the celebrities who had some runnings with the Star Boy

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On this episode, we bring to you the alluring story of this beautiful scion of one of the notable families in Nigeria; (The Otedola Family)- DJ Cuppy.

How she chose her passion over her family’s wealth in Oil and Gas and more 

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On today’s episode we look at the Life of self styled Gucci Brand ambassador, unconfirmed “Real Estate Developer”, Brand Influencer and Socialite- Ray Hushpuppi AKA Gucci Money!

How he came into the consciousness of Nigerians 

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See all Episodes of Timeout With Tega

Get the full gist and feel by watching all Episodes of Timeout With Tega

Wetin Eye De See


Join the Duo of your Boyfriend- Gouti on Duty and your Favourite Slay Queen- Esther Gemma as both of them bring to you this lively, thought provocking, exhilarating and fun program- Wetin Eye Dey See.

The Program looks into issues that we deal with everyday in Nigeria and beyond the shores on the Country.


Some Hot Episodes of Wetin Eye Dey See With Gouti & Gemma Now Showing!

On Wetin Eye dey see with your host Goutti and Gemma on Duty talk about-

How Nigeria Police Force (NPF) needs to reform their structure and how the government are paying attention to only celebrities.

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On Wetin Eye dey see (End SARS versus Pro SARS: The sag continues) with your host Goutti and Gemma on Duty talk about the brutality of the Nigeria police force and also the special anti robbery squad (SARS) or rather SWAT.

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On Wetin Eye dey see (End SARS versus Pro SARS: The saga continues) with your host -Gouti and Gemma.

As they discuss how a pastor shaved the pubic hair of a feamle member in the church. Is it BIBLICAL?

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On Wetin Eye dey see (sars versus yahoo soldier) with your host Gouti and Gemma discuss a very appaling findings on how some soldiers are in support of cyber crime.

After a video resurfaced of a Soldier warning Police

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Wetin Eye De See

Get the frills and thrillz of this hot program

Latest on Gbedustreet

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