Perfection Excites Gospel Hop Fans in “Holy Ghost Party” feat Dansalazar

by Oct 12, 2018Gospel

↓Download “Holy Ghost Party” by Perfection feat Dansalazar↓

Perfection is one of the few Artistes revolutionizing the Gospel Hop genre of the industry with his very animated and exciting mode of magnifying the Almighty with his singing abilities; and he does that in this party styled track; he calls this one – “Holy Ghost Party” and features ace vocalist, lyricist & All About Money” crooner- Dansalazar.

Holy Ghost Party is a fast paced gospel rendition filled with so much exhilaration and mirth, especially in its delivery. It clearly introduces a novel and superb manner of showing ordinance and worship to the Almighty, albeit party style, without watering down the message, theme and purpose of the song (which is glorifying God in its entirety).

I truly loved the vintage 80’s intro that gave the song some sort of regal entry, enveloping the listener with some pious kinda feeling, then inadvertently sending you to dance mode even as you reel to the harmonics and top vibratory beats that this song boast of. Again, I truly felt Dansalazar as he expertly jumps on the track to add more pep, enlivening the whole rendition as both crooners went full swing , dropping hot vocals so hard as well as a power hook that sets this song to a pretty impressive decibel and pedestal ; hear ’em:

“….itz a Holy Ghost everybody wanna dance…”

Holy Ghost Party was produced by Ratty Bone whose daring and bold sound production mechanism is quite commendable, particularly in his choice of blending some Afro Western flavored beats, soaked deep in disco oriented 80’s rhythmic sound pattern, then finished subtly with a little mix of the Naija contemporary tune. This is a track with so much novelty and highly revolutionized harmonics, one for dem mamas, poppas, kids and every conceivable audience with a good ear for good music.

Perfection and Dansalazar has birthed a genre (gospel hop); one that I trust will go a long way in surviving the intrigues and play common in this industry, and Holy Ghost Party is a track that could put these guys on the map. So I urge y’all lovers of this kinda genre and those with a fetish for some sort of vintage stuff, to go feel this track by downloading and of course sharing it.

↓Download “Holy Ghost Party” by Perfection feat Dansalazar↓

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