Peter Okoye set to launch his clothing line ZIP REPUBLIC

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Peter Okoye who was a member of the defunct music group PSQUARE is a special artist and dancer. I wouldn’t want to do any more introduction ceremony because apparently if you don’t know PSQUARE then permit me to say “you have been living under a rock”. so back to business…

Peter who is also known as Mr P has been dishing out new tunes and enjoying some features though his other brother Paul Okoye (Rudeboy) seems to be getting a upper hand in the music industry. Mr P has been trying to keep his head high and seems like business has been getting the most of him lately. He currently owns a lottery business ZOOM which had got him busy and getting some good amount of money.

Screenshot of Mr P’s Zip Revelation

in the middle of October last year he made a post on his Instagram about a clothing line he called ZIP REPUBLIC which was set to be launched in 2020. since then till now, fans all over the world have been expecting the launching of his clothing line, even though critics came up from some sides.

in the evening hours of Yesterday being Tuesday 03-02-2020 he made a post on his Twitter account with an Image of him and his son.
He is currently married to Lola Okoye, our favorite star is now a father and business man at the same time.

All though the design looks great, we trust Peter to come up with something really great and intriguing as he has kept the fans anxious and waiting for the launching.
According to his post on the matter recently on Twitter he said he was looking forward to Summer time which is possibly around June July…. what else can we do but wait?

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