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Quick Stats

  • Full name- Full name- Akoh Kosisochukwu Esther
  • occuption- Actress/Producer/Scriptwriter
  • Artist name- EstyKay
  • DOB- April 13th
  • Birthplace- Isolo, Lagos State
  • State of Origin- Anambra State
  • Years Active- 2016- present
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  • YouTube channel-
  • Collaborations- Ngozi Ezeonu, Mr Ibu etc
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  • Favourite Vacation Destination:
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Early Life:


Born Akoh Kosisochukwu Esther on 13th April in Isolo, Lagos State Southwest Nigeria; to a family of nine with a strong affinity for religion, and the ideals inherent in every Christian family where morals, respect, and dignity is the norm.

A native of Orumba North in present-day Anambra State, Southeast Nigeria.’

The acting was second nature to her and she gladly asserts this:

…”I got into acting because I had passion for it and it has always been my biggest dream.

On her inspiration, she has this to say:

My biggest inspiration is myself!! Because there was nobody there for me.

I had no friends that’s why I started inspiring myself …….

I love my mom soo much because she has always unknowingly being my inspiration in all ramifications and being rich and I know she doesn’t know lol!


The young Esther began her primary school education at Emilia Foremost high school.

She proceeded to Nnamdi Azikiwe University, after she was through with her secondary schooling.

Her stint here was brief, as she later transferred to the University of Lagos where she studied Chinese.


Being able to interpret roles that are not in tangent with her real character is a fine art Estykay has mastered over time.

Working with experienced actors and actresses sure has its perks, because she has worked with veterans like the late Nollywood actor- Sam Obiago (Daddy Sam), of happy memory, Ngozi Ezeonu. Phil Daniels and a host of others.

She is also involved in other sectors of the Industry and is currently trying to work as a Producer as well as a Scriptwriter.

Being infinitely assertive on and off set has allowed this young thespian to attain her goals.

Espousing her calm and respective demeanor even in the midst of greats, has allowed her to gain some useful expertise; she clearly explains this:

My experience was really smooth it wasn’t hard at all
One thing I know is when you’re on set with a work mate that is higher than you
Don’t be intimidated be bold like a lion /lioness that you are I know for a fact that nobody can intimidate me cos I’m more than unique


A Trip to FESTAC

Trivia & More Info:


Esther has experienced both the good and negative sides in the industry, but being resilient and maintaining her strong resolve to sail through the turbulent times, did define her character.

One of such negatives is the sexual harassment she faced at the hands of a producer who gave her the harsh treatment on a set.

On her advice to others aspiring to make it in the industry:

My advice for them is to never give up on their dreams
And they shouldn’t look at their failure
And if your talent isn’t related to acting please don’t try to force it do what you can do best because that’s the only place you can succeed in
You can also be a producer or any other thing but don’t force what you’re not

Future Endevours:

Having lofty dreams is one strong point of EstyKay, she is currently planning to take her act beyond Nollywood -“I see myself touring the world” she asserts, and “I’d still go into music” she concludes.

Social Media Handles:

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Esther Kosisochukwu Akoh AKA EstyKay is a young lady on a mission to do great things both within and beyond the Nollywood Industry.

Having a strong personality, well-defined goals, and to cap it all being breathtakingly beautiful- will truly set her for the stars.

We hope to see more of her colouring our screens while doing her thing on the big screen.

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