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Quick Stats

  • Full name- Akoh Jennifer chiamaka
  • occuption- Actress/Producer/Scriptwriter
  • Artist name- Akoh Jennifer
  • DOB- July 6th
  • Birthplace- Isolo, Lagos State
  • State of Origin- Anambra State
  • Years Active- 2013- present
  • Facebook profile-@akoh Jennifer
  • FBpage- Akohlite tv
  • YouTube channel- AKOH LITE TV
  • Collaborations- Lizzy Gold, Yul Edochie, Chiwetalu Agu, Mr Ibu etc
  • Favourite color:
  • Favourte Fun spot:
  • Favourite Vacation Destination: USA
  • Favourite Food: Noddles & Eggs

Early Life

Birthplace & Growing up:

Born Akoh Jennifer on 6th July to a family that could be described as “strictly religious” in Isolo, Lagos State Southwest Nigeria.

She originally hails from Orumba South in Anambra State, Southeast Nigeria.

Jennifer got exposed to her thespian side at the young age of thirteen, and she asserts this below;

…acting is in me, it is a thing I started even from my mother’s womb”…

Her biggest inspiration was Mercy Johnson whose acting skills and ingenuity informed her decision to embrace acting as a profession.

She details on how it all started-

…there was this fateful day I was in the sitting room watching TV, then the Program “UGWUMBA” was being aired, after which a casting call was made. I copied the number on the screen, called them, then got an invite where I interacted with other stars, and that pretty sums it up…

In 2013, she had a chanced encounter with Nollywood legend Emeka Ike.

The actor helped in shaping her views as regards the Industry.

He also advised her on the right steps to take in order to bring her closer to her dreams of becoming one of the most celebrated faces in Nollywood.

Nollywood is a place plagued with everyday problems like other sectors. Jenny had her own fair share of the bad side.

Facing a lot of upheavals as regards being allowed to pursue her passion, the biggest opposition being from her mom.

She (her mum); believed the stereotype that actresses are exposed to many insensitive and immoral acts in their bid to gain widespread acceptance and stardom, hear her:

my mum never supported my sister and I on our decision to go into acting to the point of locking us out of the house whenever we came home late from a production, humiliating our Director who he accused of harrassing her kids. But after the movie job- Assunder, a Paul Igwe production; we were paid the sum of thirty thousand naira. We shelved a portion of the money (ten thousand to be precise. Then gave her this sum from each of our individual earning. This immediately changed her mindset and preconcieved notion about acting. Now she wholly supports us like our dad who has always being supportive of our chosen line of profession right from the beginning…

Jennifer also had the issue of sexual harassment to contend with as many Producers wanted to take advantage of her.

She rebuffed their advances, standing her grounds on her no-sex-for-role decision.

This brought some modicum of respect to her personality, giving her more scripts and most notably- enough screen time and exposure.


Miss Jenny is a graduate of Political science obtained from the Lagos state university

Schools AttendedQualification obtained
Emilia Foremost High schoolSchool certificate
Lagos State UniversityB.sc in Political Science
Ugwumba Film AcademyDip. in Movie Production


Aside acting, Jennifer has had a stint as a Producer. She even works mostly as a Producer these days, and takes Production credit for her works in Amanda/Commander and Sinking Sand.

She has appeared in some top-notch movie productions side by side with some of the biggest names in the Industry.

Actors like Yul Edochie, John Okafor, who is popularly known as Mr. Ibu of which she recounts her experience on set with the Actor; she describes the latter as Jovial- see more

… he regards me as a young, talented, and hardworking girl…

Yul Edochie is yet another Star actor she had the pleasure of working with on the set of a movie in Asaba, Delta State.

She calls him “Mr-No-nonsense on Set”, he also helped broaden her scope as an actress by observing his acting skills.

with Yul Edochie

Jennifer has been paired alongside funny actor and comedian Chiwetalu Agu, who she describes as a father figure who looks out for her by lending his words of wisdom via advice on how to conquer more grounds as an actor cum producer.


Sinking Sand 2019
Amanda/Commander 2021
Oga Japan 2019

Trivia & More Info

Miss Jennifer is truly an entrepreneur and has duly registered her Movie production company- AkohLite Film Production, with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and an RC number that could be obtained from the latter’s website.

Her Production Company is a fully incorporated entity with movie production credits to movies like – Sinking Sand which starred John Okafor (AKA Mr.Ibu). More Projects are already in the works and will be coming out soon.

The decision to Transition from actress to producer was rather spontaneous, especially with the perceived barriers and lopsidedness set by older movie practitioners.

To Surmount the odds stacked against her rise, she took up the gauntlet and started learning the ropes of movie production while still maintaining her position as a budding actress.

Again she explains more:

…I was always cast in not too big roles and after some retrospection where I assessed my current position in the Industry, I decided it was time to switch up things that was how I got into production and as we speak I have my own production outfit- Akohlite Film Production with a couple of movies already produced and more still in the works…

Jennifer is on the verge of taking Nollywood beyond the shores of the country with her soon to be revealed global movie outreach and initiative.

This action will engender more synergy between overseas movie industries like those of Hollywood, Bollywood as well as seeing her movie get featured in the annual Cannes Movie Festival in France in no distant time.


In hindsight, Jenny has truly made some giant strides within the industry. Under her belt, she has produced a couple of movies.

At the moment, she is working on new and improved stories that will be made into blockbuster motion pictures coming to your stables soon.

Finally, for all the upcoming actors/actresses and others who want to break even in the industry, she has the following advice for them:

“…Just focus, never give up. They should create their own content, rebrand it uniquely. Start something and always believe in yourself. See yourself as a Star already and never allow anyone bring you down or tell you that you cannot do it. Have a strong conviction, focus and aim for the Stars…”

Akoh Jennffer’s Social Media Contact:

Akoh Jennifer is a young woman on a mission, ready to carry others with high aspirations on this Journey.

Are you an aspiring actor? producer? scriptwriter? or someone ready to walk the talk? Be sure to follow her on all her social media Handles. Drop her a DM too.

Movie Trailers:

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