Real SammyFlow Flows Non-stop in – “Money na Money”


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Real Sammyflow is one indigenous naija upcoming rapper making conscious effort to rise through the rungs of hip-hop royalty and releases this slow tempo and cool song that he titles- “Money na Money”, to showcase what he’s got.

Money na Money is a song that sees the fusion of a little reggae and hip-hop in a manner that is quite soothing, pleasing and unique to the ears with a sensuous twist in the whole mix; the lyrics and vocal delivery of Real SammyFlow though laid back, sounded quite complementary in every sense as it matched the beats and takes the listener along as he flows.

One thing I especially loved about this song is the sonorous sound of the flute playing beautifully in the background, it takes the track to levels never known in the standard naija hip hop production. I felt the energy albeit slow that Real SammyFlow espoused in the course of his sublime delivery.

Money na Money was produced by G-Kollinz who I salute for his ability in combining a percussion instrument with the normal beat  especially for a rap song, its more like reggae meets hip hop; if you understand what I’m saying. I also saw some hunger in Real SammyFlow as he flows continuously , professing his love for his woman letting her know that money is not everything, but just a means to an end.

If you are a fan of alternative music or rap in this case, then this song is worth your listening, so go ahead and download this song and get to flow with Real SammyFlow as he vibes on “money na moneybaby don’t leave me….because of money…you are the angel of my life”

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