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The wearing of body mask for 15days is correct

As the world is going through COVID-19 pandemic, the need to protect ourselves and families cannot be overstated as nobody prays to die of sickness and disease.  Keeping up with good hygiene and taking proper caution by using a proven Well / Strict Tested  Facemask that was developed in February 2020 to address this pandemic and to correct the inadequacies of the majority of N95 masks in the market is advised. This product has  passed the strict International Standard Organization (ISO) and Other Quality Certifications center. Our model is S9 which can dub N95 Plus. It is branded Yuan Sental and manufactured by the reputable multibillion dollar company Shenzhen Lezheng Technology Co. Ltd

What to expect when purchasing the Protective Masks S95 or N95 Plus is that the Self Suction Filtering Respirator functionality is highly reliable. You dont need to bother about choking even when the facemask is on because its protection against bacteria and dust, the facemask protects each individuals, the Protective Masks S9 or N95 Plus protects your family, your employees, the employers, CEOs, SMEs, SMOs, especially the Doctors and any medical personnel  on the frontline of attack.  The facemask is Pro Environment Anti Epidemic Mask such as protection from Coronavirus to Protect Against Covid -19. The Protective Masks S9 or N95 Plus can be used for 2 – 3 years all you need to do is just replace the filter.


The Protective Masks S9 or N95 Plus is pocket friendly it lower your daily cost of use, you can worryless about purchasing everyday, because it can be worn for 15days without changing the filter. It is a proven value for money mask

If you find this product interesting we at Dehavilland Investment Limited /Olutex Divine Concepts Ltd partners with the production company in China – Master Win Industrial Limited / Unitaes Energy Supply Ltd. to allow our customers get these product here in Nigeria, Read below to know further about The Protective Masks S9 or N95 Plus.

Latest Protective Masks S9 or N95 Plus

* Introduction
* Our Product – Features
*Our Offer


-Branded Original Forest (Yuan Sental)
-Power Protection Masks – S9
-Certified in March 2020 to Protect Against Covid -19 and the likes
-Complete qualifications – ISO9001-2015
-Strict Testing – Passed ISO and Other Quality Certifications
-Latest Authorized Mask – A much more superior product than N95 – N95 plus


-Self Suction Filtering Respirator
-Pro Environment Anti Epidemic Mask
-Can be used for 2 – 3 years – just replace filter
-Each package comes with 5 Extra Filters
-Main body mask worn for 15days
-4 Layers of Protection against bacteria and dust
-Strong air tightness, easy to clean, avoids secondary pollution, lower daily cost of use

Order your Face Mask Now to

 Fight Covid 19
 Fight other Bacteria
 Fight Dusts
 Protect your family, your employees
 Reduce Costs – value for money

Contact Dehavilland Investment Limited, Olutex Divine Concepts Ltd
29/31 Awolowo way Ikeja, Lagos State , Nigeria

Babatunde Ojo
Philip Ebunola

Our Partners in China – Master Win Industrial Limited/ Unitaes Energy Supply Ltd

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Written By Dare Frost

Dare Alade also known as Frost a Passionate Editor, Blogger. needless to say much, I hope you find me interesting.

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