Sage makes his debut in – Up to Sumthang

by May 18, 2022hip hop

Sage is a upcoming rap act making his debut in the Nigerian hip hop scenes and he does so in this new single he calls – Up to Sumthang.

The track assumes both trap and contemporary hip hop beats, and Sage wades in like a true lyrical Sage with the finesse and dexterity of a rap aficionado.

The intro had some hardcore rhymes that once again brings back some of the swag and originality hip hop is known for.

Up to Sumthang is Sage’s first offering and kudos to the producer Carnage as well as Aisman who mixed and mastered this beautiful rap song.

I also felt the profundity of well laid vocals as well as awesome mix of both beats over solid lyrics and a rhyme that adds so much fluidity to the whole rendition

Sage is just coming into the game and Up to Sumthang is one helluva debut single, we urge all true lovers of hip hop and Afro hop to go download and also share this piece.

Written By chinemere onuekwusi

Chinemere Onuekwusi is just a dude who writes on pretty much every topic that relates to small business, blogging, Music, Films and conscientious issues. He enjoys reading, traveling and he's a helluva technology enthusiast.

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