Samklef featuring Akon in – Lonely (pon-pon Styled Remix)!

The pon-pon thang is truly getting hotter as Samklef drops this remix of Akon’s classic song “Lonely”

↓Download Lonely Remix By Samklef feat Akon↓

Samklef coming on the heels of his recent signing to Akon’s Konvict Music decided to show Mr Lonely what’s he got, and also how to mix and blend the Naija Styled pon-pon beat with a more refined and laid back American pitch to create this hot remix!

I specifically loved the intro and outro sound at the beginning and towards the end of the song, it was kinda gripping and makes you want to hear more and see if this remix had its weight in gold, or was it just another wide walk in the park of wackiness?

Have you heard this song? well lets know what you feel by dropping your comments and reactions, do you think showed what’s he’s got to make this tune a remix worth downloading and listening to?

↓Download Lonely Remix By Samklef feat Akon↓


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