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There’s this issue on ladies having problems keeping their guys on lock. Reason is that Relationships are much more than just sex and showing off unwanted wife characteristics.

Yes you read that last part right, Lots of ladies believe they can get any guy on lock by washing his clothes, cooking for him, giving him blowjobs, mad and wild sex and all that but the truth is that there are still other girls out there willing to do those things too. so what makes the difference?

Have you met a guy say “I love this girl but the other one…. there’s something bout her I can’t just get off my mind like that” hmmmm yes! he can’t seem to understand it but there’s something she’s done that can’t be easily gotten any where.

Here are a few tips on how to get him down for you anytime, any day. Guys no vex, this our secret is gonna get open today but I go show them small. (smiles).

Yea, I know you love him but please…. please….. don’t be too desperate. Guys love ladies with class,I mean it’s a big turn on for a guy to have his lady filled with elegance and Grace.

When you interact with his friends let them see a humble and graceful lady at least even if it’s for just the first time. Smile, be courteous, be accommodating… you know, this part is where ladies miss out.

They try to be too elegant, hahan, calm down na. Even Queen Elizabeth is so graceful and elegant and yet loving and accommodating. According to those who get close enough they usually recommend her as a mother. oh well how can a Queen truly rule and have her subjects in love with her if she isn’t a mother to the people.

So it applies to your man, be elegant and also loving. Don’t be bossy at work or in public and still come home to be bossy to him.

Men like being in Dominion and authority, Men like having a baby at home to come play with and at some other times men want to be the baby. (we would discuss that later).

This is the major reason he needs a you in his life, You have an obligation to help him through life. matter of fact, you were created with all the requirements of help, mentally, spiritually and morally.

For most guys or should I say every guy, we want to be the one to carry all the responsibilities and burdens but even Kings need soft places to rest their heads and calm their minds. At times be the mummy he misses. pet him, take care of him.

Support your man with your encouragements, finances, spirituality, moral advices and love.
You might wonder why finances too but TRUTH is that at some point in a man’s life he might need a little bit of support for some time, this implies to married couples too.

Support him majorly with some advices, be his help mate. Myles Monroe said “a woman should find her mans dream and HELP him achieve it”.

Yes it’s True that you have dreams and vision you are pursuing, this is why you should also make sure you find a man whose dream aligns with yours, two different captains can’t be on a ship. If you can’t part with his dream and he can’t do same with yours, you shouldn’t be together in the first place because it would only lead to controversial topics that will only end up ruining what you spent time building.

So back to the matter….. Find his dream and goals, help him accomplish them. Show him that he can count on you anytime any day. After facing lots of turn downs outside, you should be the one he can run to for some assuring and comforting words.

Be his help mate, I’m ringing on this one because not all ladies are help mates. this is one big advantage any lady can have over the others.

What’s a man without some ego? Men must surely possess pride. Yes as humble as he can get, he also has that touch of self pride in him, it’s what makes him a man.

You might want to change a decision he’s about to make that you know would end up wrongly but nagging or being rude about it would only boost his pride and push him to doing it just to show that he’s the MAN.

A Bible story talks about David, a man and leader Over a mighty army, marching to destroy a man who insulted his rulership. It was just one woman with the name Abigail who stopped him on his way by showing him the depths of a woman’s meekness and love. (want to know more? read 1 Samuel 25 : 2 to end)

You can change his strong willed decision by being calm and reasonable with him. Praise him first, call him sweet names, gift him if needed and carefully introduce the matter that you want to deal with before him. it’s a secret

Some ladies would just shout and shout, give him some kinda attitude, snub him or refuse to do things for him simply because he refused to listen to their proposal of him changing something or altering a certain decision.
You don’t tame Lions like dogs and expect them to respond. (think on this).

Does he love watching football, Watching Cartoons, Playing video games, reading or any thing else? Find time to enjoy it with him.
you might not understand why the players are chasing one small ball up and down the field or why he loves watching things meant for babies…. when there are fun channels like Telemundo and Zee world to watch.

Just join him and put your heart to it, you will understand it with time. Besides a guy loves a lady that can find time to fit into his secret time.

Share his play space with him. Learn it. Find out what he enjoys doing, learn how to do it…. matter of fact he’s willing to teach you if you would let him. For guys, we love having those nice times we have with our bro’s also with our ladies.

A lady once dropped a tweet on Twitter where she said she’s looking for someone’s son to take out, spoil him, f*ck his brains out and give him transport money to go home.
Hmmmm, you should see how people’s boyfriend’s and maybe husband’s were tweeting and retweeting.
As crazy as it sounds, A guy would rarely forget a lady that would “spoil” him as guys would usually say.
sometimes just surprise him by taking him out, buy him launch, buy some wears for him, do whatever you can to burst his brain.

Brother will go home and be sharing the testimony!
I’m not saying do these things because he lacks them, I am saying even when he has enough spend on him.

It’s very rare to find a lady that will spoil her guy. I mean ladies understand what it means to spoil somebody. I tell you he would be screaming “I surrender to your….” (that’s between you both to complete)

this is the last hint I’m gonna drop here, if you need more come and meet me winks
Yes, showcase your culture, Aunty your native name is Nkechi or Imaobong or maybe Iyabo. You come up with nice English pet names like Preshy, Tasha or Bridget… ehn nice name but please we would love to see the village girl in you.
Which one is only indomie Everytime? Cook soups, stews, not all those fry fry sauce. Blow our minds like Chef Chi, Davido’s wife to be. Aunty just gave him some plates of soups and what big yansh couldn’t do was done!

Don’t be TIWA Savage outside and Beyonce inside. Pls cook like Mercy Johnson Dem… sey u get abi
They say the road to a guys heart is through his belly. Yes guys love food. If we no chop,wetin we gain
Give him that grandma’s soup recipe and watch him sing your name in his dreams like Davido.

Speak your dialect too, don’t be too elegant abeg.
Let him know that he’s got someone that knows her culture well. Not every time you will be speaking Queens English, speak your local English sometimes. It makes him feel free with you. Even though you schooled abroad, you should be proud of your culture. Don’t trade it for another man’s culture!

So that’s it on this article of how to keep your guy on lock. If after all these and more, uncle is still doing anyhow, just leave him. It’s a village People control something lol.
But I know with these secrets you will stamp a big mark in his heart. Enjoy your weekend ladies!

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