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It’s a very alarming topic as this is the concern of some young males who are finding it hard to get their lovers dreaming about them and most importantly amongst married couples!

So you have finally had her say yes to you and a relationship or family has kicked off but something seems to be missing. You Know she loves you but she still has the ability to hide it from you one way or the other, well let me give you some secret tips that are tested and trusted *winks*.

Man listening to a girl

No. 1 tip is for you to be a good listener.
Ladies love to be listened to. Sometimes she might be talking about what she and her girls love, their fun moments, the latest fashion designs and how much she would love to have that fantasy trip to some lovely Island with Beautiful views and how she would love her girls to be on pink, clothes pink, bags pink, panties pink, everything just pink (oh goodness)

For some ladies that are not pink lovers, they would have some kind of favorite color that for you might be irritatingly disturbing but you have got to listen and respond nicely. 

No. 2 tip is for you to enjoy her time.
Enjoying her time isn’t only in “the other room”. it’s more of spending her fun time with her when she wants. she might be watching her Favorite Zee world series or for some ladies her favorite cartoon episode.

You have got to learn to enjoy watching it with her. I don’t mean pretend to enjoy. let her see that you are trying to understand it and be free to ask questions too because that’s how they also disturb us with questions during football games so ask questions but with the mindset of wanting to understand it. trust me, with some time and patience you will find out that what she loves watching isn’t all that bad after all

No. 3 secret tip is take out some time to dance with her.
For some guys, you might be like…. What! you might say you are not a good dancer but nobody is asking you to compete with her (although it would be romantic to compete with her and show your stupidity LOL). Try to select a song that you Know she loves or would love. might be afrobeat sensational jams or Just pure RnB blues, maybe the old school love songs but make sure it’s something that can spice up the moment. (Join us on Thursdays as we bring you some lovely playlists).

No. 4 tip is for you to be her playmate.
Not every time you have her in your arms and next thing your (amu) or Should I say Bell is ringing. Sometimes hold her close, look seriously sexily into her eyes, fake a kissing lip and just bite her cheeks Abit. remember I said “bite” and “Abit” not chop her cheeks. grab her from behind and turn her around, play some games with her and most importantly play her games.

She might not want to play FIFA with you but she wants to play hide and seek, maybe she wants to play ludo or even truth or dare! (p.s – this is risky) Try not to be too bossy over all the games, let her win at times and most Importantly, have fun playing.

Sometimes she just wants to be cuddled closely and held tight in your arms all night. sir, this is so not the time to think with your D*ck. control your sexual emotions and let her feelings be pampered. let her sleep and you too, sleep sir! when she wakes up feeling better then be sure that you have created something wonderful in her mind for yourself.

No. 5 tip is to treat her to a nice feet or body massage.
You might have to go learn this though, just in case you are not familiar with doing this. Get a good massage oil, preferably almond oils or scented Chinese oils. Set a nice background music that’s not Danceable, just cool and easy Music. Massage her by starting off slowly and paying attention to her body response as you gently unknot those body muscles and tissues. mind you, be focused else you might lose control as her body might tempt you to aborting the mission at hand and just hop in for a ride but keep it going and steady with her satisfaction in your mind.

most times it wouldn’t end up in sex, yes that’s the Truth. if you did good she should be so relaxed that sleep would be the next step for her but trust me, your reward awaits you greatly! you might be surprised at how she rewards you but be sure that you have just made her love you the more.

No. 6 tip is for you to discover her
This part would take up most of the secret tips.
I know as a man you have got to be in control but learn how to be in control.
Watch closely how she responds to different situations like ; Happiness, disappointments, pressure, mood swings, sad news, romance, movies, play and every part of her life. you can’t master this over night but with time you would and the more you know, the better.

An Adage says “a woman’s heart is like the ocean” this means that the more you spend time studying and exploring her heart the more you Know her. the reason most men raise their hands to hit their wives is first of NO FEAR OF GOD and majorly MISUNDERSTANDING. when Nigerian actor Olu Jacobs was asked how he managed to be married for over 40 years, his answer was that They both tried to understand each other even when they had issues. So one major big way to a woman’s heart core is to understand her, that way those other tips would be easier and more fun filled for you both.

No. 7 tip is Always pray together.
From various marriage mentors, I have come to understand that couples who pray together regularly rarely have marital issues because the truth is that there is a big deal and a lot that prayers between couples can do.

These days we mostly carry this mindset that love and Relationship is all about fun, sex, outings and all that. these are very much essential to the couples but prayers is what keeps the bond together even at breaking point. Married or not, if you can’t pray with your partner then there would be problems.

On what foundation would we build up a family? is it on great sex moments or the life of luxury or quarrells. when we can pray together, we can have our babies learn to pray and we can pray for them when they grow into teens and adults.

that’s it for now on this article on How to steal your girls heart. Notice that some tips like buying her gifts and being the Alpha male wasn’t added, these are also essential but I just gave you what so many guys don’t know about. so be wise and enjoy these love secrets!

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