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As a Media Production Company, our interest span every sector of Media

Below is a list of Our services

Ensure you avail yourself of all we can offer.





Let us showcase you to the World

Brand Awareness for your products and services which gives you the platform via our interactional promotional interviews, web profile creations and even more that brings you closer to your audience and market, your brand is who you

Event Coverage & Red Carpet

Ensure your beautiful moments are captured by professionals who not only bring class and beauty to your events; but also infuse empathy to make those moments truly count. Weddings, House Parties, Festivals & Carnivals etc.

Music and Video promotion

As an artist still looking for how to make that musical break with your single, EP or album.

We indeed have some promotional packages that will see your musical pieces gaining the spread and listenership it deserves and your music videos being seen too

Wikipedia Styled Profile Creation

I bet you want to be one of the few with who when Googled; your Profile and who you are get to be seen on Google Search Results.

Let the World discover you and know what you can offer today


Product Promotion

Having a great product without the right market is like writing a great book and stashing it in a bookshelf to gather dust.

This is where we come in, as a company with an impressive track record in product launches and advertorials.


Talks Shows

You can either come to us to help you create your own Talk show or Join us.

Our Studios, Producers and content creators are at your disposal.

Whatever it is you want to talk about. Let’s help you create it!


More Services…

Artiste Promotion &MGT

As an Artiste seeking for good representation, we can help you kickstart your career by following the right Trajectory.

Our Purpose here is to ensure you attain the height you deserve


Reality TV

This days lots of people want to bring out their personal and work life for the World to see.

We at Gbedustreet Media will help you right from conception, assist you with Technical assistance and ensure we do our best to make your show is a success

Advert Creation & Jingles

Every Business can only stay afloat if it understands the concept of creating effective Advert Messsages.

At Gbedustreet media we have created some of the most intriguing and captivation advertorials, enabling our clients to convert more and leads 

Audio Production & Podcast

With clear crispy and studio grade Audio for every Production, we are set to hlp you with your Audio Production Services.

Are you a supermarket in need of an Inside Radio Jingle?

We also boast of Voiceover Artistes that can put more vibes on your Jingles increasing your coversion & Leads

Movie Shoots & Production

We cannot boast of being a Media Production company without going the entire gamut.

From scripting to editing

We have one of the best equipments and manpower to help you galvanize your movie Production right from On production to Post Production.


Movie Premieres

Are you planning to release A Motion Picture?

Well ensure you invite us to be at your premiere especially as regards brining more buzz to the work helping it garner the necessary numbers required to break the boxoffice.



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