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As an artiste, a singer or a musician ,Musical Performance on stage is one of the major sources of income in the music industry.

So as an artiste, a singer or a musician you should learn how to perform live on stage because sometimes our songs(Sound tracks); does not catch people’s attention. It is what they see you perform live that makes them fall in love with your works.

I’ll be sharing with you things that would help your stage performances in this Career-

1. Controlling Tension:

What is Tension?

There’s this feeling that will always envelope you when you’re trying to do something new or something you’re not used to. And tension is what I’m talking about here.. It’s OK for one to feel tensed if he or she is about mounting a stage ; facing a large crowd or audience to perform- (I’ve been there before), but how you place this feeling under control is what determines if you’re going to have a wonderful performance or not.

How to take care of it:

Personally I’ve being able to control myself when I’m preparing for a stage performance. And this is what I do.

  1. Always use these words on yourself when you’re tensed or find yourself in a difficult moment. I will and I can… It can really go a long way.
  2. When you’re tensed-up, take a deep breath, drink a glass of water,,relax for few minutes and it will do just fine…

2. REHEARSALS is a Prelude to a Monster Performance

Music students rehearsing a Violin, Clarinet and Piano Trio

Here comes the very first thing that should always come to your mind as a singer, an artiste or a musician. Constant rehearsals can go a very long way in helping you improve your musical performances.

Which ever way or style you want to do it, with a musical band and vocal backups, good rehearsals with them will make a wonderful stage performance.


The success of a wonderful stage performance lies in the hands of your audience ; just like the destiny of your musical career lies in the hands of your listeners, viewers and fans. And if you may ask what I mean by this, I’ll simply say that your audience plays a vital role towards the success of your career

Learn to carry your audience along ; get their attention while on stage and I bet you, this will help.

4. FREE STYLING YOUR LYRICS adds more swag & Appeal to your stage craft:

Remember your lyrics is another thing that keeps the love of your fans for you flowing. Your genre of song may gospel, hiphop, afrobeat or whichever one, but if you’ve got some dope, mind blowing, spirit filled lyrics that sure passes a good message, you’re definitely going to succeed in this career.

Now, Free styling as an artiste you should know that stage performance isn’t about going to pour out your lyrics the way it was written and recorded. You should learn how to add lip or do your free style . No sane person will listen to your song and be happy watching you perform live and dropping your lyrics word for word.

5. Understanding what STAGE MANAGEMENT is whats up:


This is another good factor that can be of great help to you in your musical career when it comes to stage performance.
You can’t be performing a fast tempo song on stage, and be on one spot. I’m not saying you should jump up and down the stage. NO Okay, let me share with you my own experience.

I have three singles, but I’ve performed two live on stage. I’ve got a fast tempo song and a not so fast nor slow tempo song. I performed both on the same stage; I neither jumped nor stood on a spot, but I did used my stage well.

So you should learn how to manage your stage, no matter how big or small your stage is, or , how fast or slow the tempo of your song is

6. AUDIBILITY is Key to Breaking the Ice and Establishing yourself while at it:

Hmm, another great factor that can really help build your level of stage performances.

I’ve once attended a show where an artiste was called to perform, sincerely speaking till he left the stage, I didn’t hear a word from what he sang. Not that the sound system was bad, but I couldn’t fathom what his problem was.
You can’t be on the stage holding a Mic to your mouth and people won’t get to hear what you’re singing..

I’ve seen cases where the sound system will suddenly go off , but you can and will still hear what the performer is saying; and he or she will still be able to carry the audience along.

7. My Moves got to be right:

This is a bit similar to stage performance , but you need to understand the difference and know this.

Your moves on stage really matters a lot. You can still make proper use of your stage and your audience won’t be impressed.

You can sway your body , wave your hands, just do something and you’ll thank me later. You can even get your audience to follow your moves..

That’s it peeps, make sure you follow the conversation by dropping your comments below.

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Written By Francess Smarty

Francess Smarty is a singer, song writer and one helluva writer. In her spare time she enjoys reading, listening to music and playing candy crush. She writes mostly on fictional stories, music tips and more

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