Shay Boi “Finally” feat Sollie Pee; set to drop

by Jan 10, 2019Anticipate

Shay Boi is one helluva vocalist cum lyricist and a dope one at that; well after a brief hiatus, he decides to thrill his fans yet again as he plans to drop yet another banger of a single and he calls this one- “FINALLY

Finally is a beautiful duet and it promises to once again showcase Shay Boi in his finest moment as a vocalist with ideals. A song enmeshed in beautiful beats, with top notch vocals, and well blended lyrics.

He also features lyricist- Sollie Pee, who made some very remarkable additions to the song, as this Omo Ibadan thrills his fans on end.

Shay Boi who did a beautiful job in the slow and sensual rendition “Oluweri” , then again in hardcore gangsta stuff – “Jekomo“; keeps improvising and showing the world his multi talented personality through these beautiful works of art and sound.

So wait for it as “Finally” hits the airwaves in a bit!

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