Shayboi links us with Point5 in “Fish”

by Jul 12, 2019Naija hip hop

Shayboi is one hardcore, nonconformist indigenous rapper and lyricist that has shown via his powerful tunes like Jekomo. Oluweri and more; his lyrical capabilities. He’s back indeed with this new piece he titles- FISH featuring fellow lyricist – Point5.

Fish is a fast paced and well tethered sound with clean beats, cool tempo and superbly laid out lyrics that blends perfectly with the entire rendition.

Point5, a dude who understands the use of hot adlibs and story telling vernacular punchlines; also did a good job to compliment Shayboi‘s all round star delivery and performance on this track.

The track was produced by Shocker on the beats who also did the hook for this rap duet. While the duo of Shayboi and Point5 did a superlative collaboration that will send reverberations throughout the entire rap space.

Fish is one beautifully done song and party banger that once again showcases the multi talented ability of Shayboi( who’s known to rap as well as sing like he did in Oluweri; a love song). 

For all afro pop cum naija hip hop buffs , Fish will thrill y’all and keep you dancing while the sound invades your entire being, lyrically and sensually

Written By chinemere onuekwusi

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