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In the world we are today, everyone talks, everyone has something to say and everyone wants to be heard.

It is no news that even the ones not sure about what to say, would still say something and though out of the mouth of babes wisdom can be heard, it still doesn’t mean all that’s said is wise.

Today we would be looking at something very powerful but most disregarded in our time, yes a lot of persons just can’t stick to this one but the truth is that it carries power and relevance.

Silence is the total end of all the noise, even too much noise would make you beg for silence. So while you are trying to make a point, try not to make your points turn into noise.

Another very serious part when it comes to being silent is the ability to stay calm even when everything is going wrong.

We tend to panic and be at unrest when it seems the walls are closing in on us. It is human and normal to be at unrest when things are getting wrong but I tell you, instead of telling almost every one what you are going through, it is always better to sit back and stay calm for a while.

When you wait for that still voice that reaches your soul, you would be able to understand how to deal with the issues.

Being silent gives you space to breathe, it fades off the too much talk, gives you a better leverage to think and opens your mind to depths.

Silence is very powerful, silence is Dominion, silence is confidence. Someone once said, a wise man listens more and speaks less. While everyone is talking and shouting, sit back and listen.

The final part i want to talk about is the part of knowing something and still being quiet. Yes its a problem to know something and stay calm.

There is a time to talk and a time to be quiet. Learn that speaking at all times is just noise and nothing but noise. Master the art of staying calm even when people are showing off, because when you finally speak it would mean a lot.

This is where we bring this to an end, this is Gbedustreet, we got you covered. You can also send in your views and opinions in the comments below. Stay connected and stay safe.


Written By Ultimate Akpenyi

Ultimate Akpenyi is a passionate writer and a music artist. Born into a family of six, he loves controversial issues and also celebrates every kind of success. Keen in speaking about people and showcasing behind the scene lives of celebrities, we should be on the look out for him

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