Sister Ifeoma Onuh in “D- Muscle” feat Vic Tilar

by May 23, 2021Gospel, Music Genre

Sister Ifeoma Onuh in D-Muscle feat Vic Mar

Sister Ifeoma Onu is a prolific Gospel act who understands how to bring down the heavens with her beautiful gospel renditions, like she did in this joint she calls – D-Muscle featuring rapper cum vocalist- Vic Tilar

The song resumes on a rather somber note, with the guitar ushering the melody of the song, then Sister Ifeoma Onuh jumps on the song; singing sonorously.

Vic Tilar subtly takes his verses, infusing some wonderful lyrics and vocals that packs a holy punch.

D-Muscle is a song that asserts that the supernatural power and blessings of the Almighty, is indeed what keeps us going. You’d truly love the chorus wonderfully rendered to the Glory of God.

Kudos to the Producer, whose infusion of essentially urban as well as Afrocentric sounds, with a little touch of the contemporary Naija sounds and tempo, makes this song one that should grace your gospel playlist.

The duo of Sister Ifeoma Onu and Vic Tilar truly made this duet one suitable for all occasions, gender, and creed.


Sometimes life be like say our sweat no dey go anywhere,
I come dey feel the shame,cos my guys don dey blow everywhere.

Baba God I dey pray day and night
Make my future dey bright
Baba make you shine your light
Shine your light

Chorus:Oluwa bukun ise owo mi
Bukun ise owo mi
Bless my hustle (bless my hustle)
Bukun ise owo mi
Bukun ise owo mi
Baba be my muscle

Baba iwo loma mi …….God you are my maker
Baba iwo lomo mi………God you know me better
Bless my hustle…………..bless my hustle
Cos it’s Not by muscle…. Cos it’s Not by muscle
Lati ro wo sha ye oo……..to have money to live

Iwo loni kin ma foya…..you told me not to fear
ninu aiye pe mi o ni jiya….that I will not suffer in life
Eni ba shishe sha lon joro….who work shall enjoy
Emi ko iwo sha Lon soro…..It’s not my saying you said it yourself

Oluwa mi…….oh my God
I give you the glory…… I give you the glory.l
Give me my blessing…… .Give me my blessing
No leave me hangin………. No leave me hangin

Sing for me

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