Skanta Spits Hot Lyrical Verses in “Para”

by Jul 13, 2018Afro pop

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Skanta goes all out in this single spitting some real hardcore bars with deep inflections and he titles this one – “PARA” a song that is filled with so much narratives albeit uncensored and R-Rated ,but still makes the mark.

Para is a song that test the lyrical extent an artist could go, and Skanta shows that he’s ready to take this a little top notch by surpassing those of legend-; especially with the well laid rhyming pattern that sensuously gets to you, hitting you like the Big bang theory.  It’s a song that functions so well with its many metaphorical infusions, even though the words utilized in the build up of these verses in bars are mostly NSFW words, regardless these words were not enough to drown the message the song professes.

The song was produced by who I truly enjoyed his productive genus which he brought to the core via the wonderful combination of the best instrumentals well integrated into the song, you can feel the in depth nature of these beats while flowing with the rhythm.

Hear him:

…”if you like you hate me- no problem, don’t try to underrate me…my music don de sell…”

Skanta has carved a niche for himself as far as this genre music is concerned, I believe the song is worth your time, so I urge y’all fans to make this happen by downloading and sharing this!

Written By chinemere onuekwusi

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