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Special, what is really special? What counts as being special? In the world we are right now, lots of items and persons are counted special, even the most mundane things for someone could be special for another, we all have different views and minds.

We are really grateful to God for his undefinable love and mercy. The scriptures say his Mercy and goodness never come to an end, they are new every morning.

Now that is special, imagine where something special comes again every morning. It never stops coming, over and over again.

Wow, that’s something extra special.

Alright, let’s look at it like this; imagine someone offends you everyday and at times doesn’t bother to say sorry but you still forgive the person and do things for the person consistently…. I mean, is that even possible? We know it’s a big NO!

But here we are, most times we don’t acknowledge the truth that Mercy is the reason we still wake up strong and pushing. Even when we are weak and kinda sick, we still get healed.

We get too busy most times to remember that God woke us up, not our alarms and then we move on like we own our lives but yet he doesn’t pick offense and say “you know what, I won’t wake you up tomorrow.”

He still loves us despite our flaws, he keeps loving us over and over again. Glory to God!

This is truly something special, can you just lift up your voice and say Jesus thank you for you.

Enjoy this beautiful worship medley.

Benita Jones – Something happens

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