Sounds of your dominion – Gospel Exclusive –

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Welcome to a beautiful Sunday in the final month of the year,  yes it the first Sunday in December and in just few weeks we would be stepping into 2021.

Yes its common that there is a high level of pressure and hopes,  even cloudy hopes. Everybody just wants that difference.

Some are enjoying their end of the year and others are suffering the end of the year but that is not our portion In Jesus Name.

Okay so we come to a Time where it seems that anyone wants to jump on anyone and anything just so as to look relevant but I have got Good news for you.

The Holy spirit is our advantage, Hallelujah!

Psalm 91 vs 18

As long as you are born again,  and you have the holy spirit in you,  you are set on a standard against the evil flood that comes with the end of the year.

2 Timothy 1 vs 7

Now Just maybe you aren’t born of Christ or you do not understand the advantage of having the holy spirit,  maybe you want to give your life to Christ, the way is widely open.

Confess him as your Lord and saviour, believe in him and hallelujah you are born into this beautiful kingdom. Attend a church you can flow with and let God take it up from there.

Romans 15 vs 13

We stand in Dominion, walk in Dominion, speak with Authority and
Move with Power.

Luke 10 vs 19

So we are fully rest assured that God in his infinite mercies would not abandon us. Glory to God.

Enjoy this music ministration by Tasha Cobbs she calls this one Move!


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