8 Reasons You Must Promote Your Song on Spotify

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Spotify Promotion: Why Spotify?

Why Do Artists Prefer Promoting their Songs on Spotify?

A million-dollar question with a million answers attached to it. However, I will share some interesting stats about the Sweden-based company, that makes whatever assertion true about Spotify as the leading music and audio streaming company.

– There are 345 million Spotify users in Q4 2020, 155 million subscribers (Spotify)

– Spotify users by region Q4 2020: Europe, 121 million; North America, 83 million; Latin America, 76 million; rest of world, 66 million (Spotify)

– Spotify market share estimated at 32-34% (Midia/Counterpoint)

– Spotify 2020 revenue at €7.8 billion ($10.8 billion), with operating loss of $581 million ($696 million) (Spotify)

The above stats truly make the Music Streaming giant the go-to music application both for Artists as well as Listeners.

Now let’s dive straight into the Eight Reasons Artists prefer Spotify Music Promotion.

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1. Levels the Bar for Everyone noobs mostly

Before the advent of streaming, as a noob trying to make it out on your own, it was relatively difficult to get your songs easily and quickly distributed through the then platforms like Radio, TV, CD/DVD, and just about any old school method the big artists and labels utilized back then.

But with Spotify and the other streaming services; everyone can score a big win by adding their songs to a huge library and collection of songs in any given genre.

This eliminates the issue hitherto experienced by noobs and greenhorns entering the industry.

2. Your Music is readily available all times:

Availability and accessibility could scale up things for an artist.

Evidently so because your audience and would-be fans want to know how and where they can download, buy or stream your music at any given time or location.

Spotify, as well as the others (iTunes, Deezer, Tidal. Shazam, etc.); makes this so easy these days. Another big plus to every artist, especially the indie ones.

3. Become Easily discoverable by Fans

One of the high points of any Artist’s career is getting fans to love their music and genre. Literally, this is your number one goal, remember these are the people you are making this music for.

Just imagine making good music and after all the hullabaloo, only a handful of people get to listen to it- your moms, pops, siblings, grand uncle and aunt, and the bimbo down the road you hit on a couple of years back, seriously?

But with the streaming platform(s), your songs get some love via the Spotify music suggestion algorithm, who pushes your it to the fore. Making it easy for you to get on DJ playlist, other users playlist, music saves, and more.

4. Expand your Audience with a snap of a Finger

Growing your own audience is now made simple, the app makes it relatively easy to add friends, follow other artists, make more interactions with those who engage with your sound. This invariably creates the right amount of synergy that will increase your followership in folds you never envisaged.

The very big dogs controlling what goes on in the yard are all on Spotify. The app has some of the best music curators in the form of DJs and top music bloggers with an ear for good music. Getting featured on any of these curator’s playlists can catapult both your music and career to heights you never imagined. I know a handful of artists who got their big break after getting featured on a popular playlist, one of them dudes went on to become one of the forces to be reckoned with within his genre as well as the industry in its entirety.

6. International Music Collaborations:

Many Local artists get international features and collaborations so easily these days all thanks to streaming platforms. Nigerian musical act- Davido, got American top RnB artist- R Kelly to jump on his chart-topping single- “IF” after the “storm is over” crooner (in search of some musical inspiration from abroad); heard the song on Shazam (correct me if I’m wrong). He was dazed and asked for a remix of the song. So these kinda stories happen all the time and trust me I have an Artist friend who got a music collaboration from a Canadian rapper after the latter listened to one of his singles via iTunes,

7. Land Brand Endorsements:

Landing big endorsement deals is no longer the exclusivity of the signed musical acts.

I know a couple of indie artists who built a large and moderate following via Spotify who are getting the attention of brands. Now take note- you would not get signed on by Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Banks, or the big boys.

However, when you get your acts together, your indie signatures might just be gracing the endorsement contract forms of medium enterprise companies, even as you sign the dotted lines that’ll make you a brand ambassador of their growing brand.

Recall, this was only made possible after one of your songs became a street anthem and top song on any of the big streaming Apps.

8. Earn good money from streams:

At the very least, you earn even a little fraction of your investment via streams. Below is a rundown of what some of the Streaming services pay.

streaming service amount per stream ($)
Spotify $0.00437
Tidal $0.01284
Apple Music $0.00783
Deezer $0.0064
Amazon Music $0.00402

The amount might look more like peanuts, but over time, it begins to add up. Now imagine getting the same songs on blogs and other free platforms for fans to download and listen for free,

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