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Hello there, hope the week is going well? Today is when we get to meet or favorite celebrities. Those we really don’t know too well or maybe we just don’t understand why something’s are the way they are in their lives and careers.

Today we are having our with naija fresh kid on the block Stanley Omah Didia, popularly known as Omah Lay.

(born May 19 1997) known professionally as Omah Lay is a singer, songwriter, record producer. He first gained prominence in 2020 after his debut single ‘You’ went viral. He started off as a producer and songwriter in Port Harcourt but only made up his mind to take up singing when he realized he doesn’t get enough credit for the songs he helped create for others.

Recently he has been pulling off Waves on the music scene. Let’s talk about how he grew up.

Omah Lay was born in the city of Port Harcourt in Southern Nigeria, he spent most of his teenage years at Marine Base. Omah Lay wouldn’t be the first to go into music in his family as his grandfather made a career as a drummer for the late 70s Highlife sensation known as Celestine Ukwu.

Omah Lay started music as a teenager rapping in the streets of Marine Base as Lil King but then he got bored and started learning how to produce music.

He recorded some good songs and This caught the ears of record labels and he ended up signing with KeyQaad in July 2019 and left his hometown for the first time and moved to Lagos.

In January 2020, he teased his Instagram followers with a verse he had recorded and the feedback was amazing so he decided to make the song available for free as teaser to his official single, that song became ‘Bad Influence’  which went on to garner millions of streams on Digital stores.  

He then released his official single ‘You’ on the 14th of February 2020  which is deemed by many to be a sleeper hit. ‘You’ put him on some reputable lists of Freshmen to watch out for in 2020 like NotjustOk and Native Mag.

The song got a mixed review from Pulse NG who wrote that “the song lacked resonance” though the same article went on to praise Omah Lay as a “master with everything associated with the song’s hook”.

Well we can say that This guy is a lot to really look out for. Some say he would take over the likes of Wizkid, well let’s see how that goes.

Below are some of his massive hits, enjoy.

Omah Lay – Damn

Omah Lay – Lo Lo Lo

Omah Lay – you

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