Steve Nomsy back for more Exaltation in “EKELE”

by Jun 7, 2019Gospel

Serial Gospel Hit Maker and creator of sounds like “The Greatest” and “I am the Lord“- Steve Nomsy, releases yet another soul inspiring and ecclesiastical song he titles- EKELE

A track that resumes on a somber note, taking you deep into Worship mode, even as the slow and rhythmic combo of vocals and beats cascades down, subtly keeping you hungry for the grace and power of the Almighty God.

The track was Produced by Enni Francis whose creative genius and acoustic ingenuity can be felt allover this beautiful sound that sends the host of heaven down.

You can Sing along with Steve by following the Lyrics below:

The creator of creators,
You are the poer I’m clay
Lord mould me as it please you
You’re father and friend
Savior of all

You are the master of the masters
You are God all by yourself
Where you lead me I will follow
Way maker,
Light of the world

Nara Ekele m jiri bia
Oh oh oh oh
Nara ekele m jiri bia
Idi ebube
Nara ekele m jiri bia x2

CHOIR: Repeat solo and chorus

Call and response:
Solo: Emela
All: Emela, nara ekele m jiri bia

Solo: Emela
All: Emela (x8)

Solo: Protector
All: Protector (x7)

Solo: My friend
All: Friend (x7)
Solo: Say yeah

All: Yeah(x7)
Solo: Unto Jesus I surrender all, Nara ekele m jiri bia oh…..
All: Unto Jesus I surrender all, Nara Ekele m jiri bia

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