Sunny Tee Praises the Almighty in “Na God”

by Sep 23, 2018Afro pop, Gospel

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Sunny Tee is one gospel music act with immense talent and musical expression, and you could feel his ingenuity with this hot single with deep message and praise, and he titles it “Na God” a song that praises the ordinance and superiority of the Almighty especially as he blesses his people.

Na God is a pidgin English phrase that translates to “it is God” in English; and Sunny Tee takes you through this beautiful rendition, story telling style; narrating the awesomeness of God in his life. I kinda loved his usage of Pidgin English and the Urhobo language to sing to all about the Almighty’s goodness and the beauty of being his child.

I loved the soft tones, cool harmonics and enthralling ambience that surrounded this musical piece. I truly loved the beautiful backup, and I give some kudos to whoever helped him with that. This is so, because it really enlivened the entire performance, making it quite stellar and remarkable.

Na God was produced by Roland Tunes who did a pretty impressive work with his blend of contemporary naija/ Afro pop tune, then creatively mixing some rather racy yet slow beats over a laid back tempo, one so alluring and spiritually uplifting.

Sunny Tee did a nice job with his combo of pretty vocals both in pidgin and mid-western Nigerian Language, and I urge y’all fans of this genre of gospel to go feel this hot tune now by downloading this track, and you’ll be glad you did.

↓Download “Na God” by Sunny Tee↓

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