Tacha vs Mercy Eke who is the real clout chaser?

by Aug 8, 2020Timeout With Tega

Its still Tacha VS Mercy Season y’all

With Twitter buzzing everyday with various hashtags like:

  • Tacha vs Mercy

… and so on

The dire is cast as the two most popular, hated, loved, trolled and controversial figures that made the BB Naija Pepper dem Gang Edition the most watched and most memorable; go head to head in battle of clout, wits and tact.

Tacha vs Mercy Eke who is the real clout chaser?

Truly speaking;

Tacha and Mercy Eke have truly solidified their place as true celebrities with both beauties having impressive social media following, brand endorsements, triumphs, low points and more.

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Today on the show we take a cursory look at the two figures that brought some real game and heat to the last edition of BBNaija, #PepperDem TV SERIES-

Tacha the Titan and of course the one dema call Mercy the Lamborghini or Mercy Lambo.

Mercy vs Tacha more showdown

We will be talking about:

Their life before the TV Show- BB Naija

What happened immediately after they left the house both as a sore loser (Tacha) and triumphant and cocky winner (Mercy Lambo)

How they’ve stayed relevant even after the #pepperdem gang buzz died down

Then we now ask- who is the real clout chaser and who is the real deal?

Or better still who could be regarded as the real drama Queen?

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Now BB Naija Pepper dem is over for about a year now; but a lot of people are daily inundated with stories of Tacha and Mercy.

This endorsement, that endorsement,

That we had to go back to the archives to bring these two characters back in focus.

I will take this period to give a brief detail of Tacha first ; then Mercy later-

Who they were before all these BB Naija drama and inferno;


simply tacha in red

Video Blogger, Instagram Influencer, Video Vixen, Model and business Woman- Tacha; born Anita Natacha Akide on 23rd December 1995 in Port Harcourt Rivers State.

She is a graduate of Ignatius Ajuru University of Education.

She is popularly known as SimplyTacha on Instagram where she is considered an influencer with a very large following owing to her feistiness, sensuality and a willingness to post semi nude pics of herself.

The self styled “Port Harcourt” first daughter and Kalabari native made some sensation when she drew the logo of DMV-Davido’s Music label in between her boobs!

Tacha with DMW tattoos

A move that caught the attention of the boss himself, though Mr OBO we understand kept mum so as not to draw the ire of Chioma.

Tacha tried to win some affection when she faked kidnap, a move she has not denied or even debunked to this day.


Mercy Eke in blue slit dress

AKA Mercy Lambo a name she acquired as a result of her love for the Automobile brand- Lamborghini.

Media personality, actress, video vixen and entrepreneur- Mercy Eke; born 29 September 1993 and hails from Imo State Nigeria.

She attended Egbu Girls secondary school Owerri, before she proceeded to Imo State University to gain her Degree in Business Administration

Eke appeared as a vixen in the music video for Davido and Ichaba’s single “Baby Mama”.

(Wonder what these two rivals have with the OBO Henchman? Hmm)

She also appeared in the music video for Airboy’s song “Nawo Nawo”.

It is also on record that she auditioned for Big Brother Naija four times before becoming a contestant in the Pepper dem Gang Edition of the Show.

Now you know a brief history of these two vixens before the Pepper dem Gang Drama.

Now to the Crux of the Matter; who is the clout chaser?

Mercy vs Tacha showdown

In the course of the competition, Mercy and Tacha had a clash and Tacha loudly called Mercy a clout chaser; and that she (Mercy) was only finding relevance because of her in house boyfriend- Ike.

Mercy responded with equal fire, asking the self styled Port Harcourt First daughter to go use her perfume because she obviously does not smell nice.

With shots fired and Tacha allegedly accused of drawing the first blood, this led to her eventual eviction from the BB Naija mansion and subsequent dismissal from the show.

This train of events was widely celebrated by many viewers with celebrities like Zlatan making a mockery of Tacha with a skit he recorded with his goons depicting that the BB Naija Star had an offensive odor.

This move by Zlatan suffered a backlash and consequently won Tasha some admiration from celebrities like Mr.P, Jaruma, Don Jazzy and cross dresser- Bobrisky; all promising her large sums of money and not coming through with their promises except for the latter.

While the likes of Jaruma for obvious clout chasing only sent her the audio cash which later led to Tacha and the Sex Therapist eventually falling out over this audio promise.

Now Mercy eventually went ahead to win the competition, making her the first woman to ever win the competition since its inception.

She was gifted an Innoson IVM SUV, a gift Tunde Ednut (who by the way never hid his dislike for Tacha) heavily mocked, calling it cheap.

Mercy Lambo with IVM Car prize

Trust Nigerians, Tunde was tongue lashed, and he quickly deleted the post


Yes we Still on Tacha VS Mercy and their clout chasing drama:

With the Pepper dem Gang drama over, the stage was set for an eventual clash, clout chasing, more bad blood and even more drama real or imagined between these two arch enemies and rivals.

Then came the endorsement drama;

Tacha being the first to snatch an endorsement deal from House Lunettes and Getfit Nigeria.

Tacha showing endorsement deal with getfit

It was also confirmed that she is indeed an ambassador for CIROC, and the VODKA distillery company affirmed so.

Mercy on the other had bagged endorsement deals with Royal Hair, Mr Taxi and Mapia Tea.

Mercy Ike signs endorsement with Mr Taxi as the clout chasing drama with Tacha continues

The endorsement deal rivalry between the two became a real competition.

Time and again as real clout chasers- Both were caught faking!

Mercy took the first fall when she allegedly posted a picture of her getting an endorsement deal with Moët & Chandon Champagne.

It was later reported as a hoax she pulled with her long time supporter and friend- The CUBANA Chief Priest, all for the purpose of what?

Can I hear you? CLOUT CHASING      

With this move exposed, her arch rival Tacha took to Instagram to mock her: she was seen treating herself to a glass of the liquid and jokingly saying:

“We need more of video, video Moët”

To keep staying on top of Twitter Trends- Tacha pulled a stunt that could be regarded as one that once again solidifies her position as the Queen of clouts!

She left social media users stunned after she shared a recording of the video call she “allegedly” made to TWITTER CEO- Jack Dorsey; celebrating him on his birthday!

It was later discovered that this was what? Guess?

A hoax. Yes a big Hoax!

Again why? Thought you knew?

Clout Chasing of course.

To add more icing on top of her clout chasing ideals; Tacha posted a nude picture of herself after she reported that a scammer and blackmailer was indeed threatening to release fake nudes of her.

Tacha exposes fake nudes as she faces Mercy for more clout chasing

If this was true, well we cannot say for sure because Miss Akide is one helluva drama Queen; and having not trended for a couple of days made her plausibly pull this off.

Which many industry watchers consider as fake and another shot at publicity stunt all in the bid to stay atop of the trends.

More Mercy Lambo Drama: (Tacha vs Mercy)

Now Mercy not wanting to be left off the clout chasing business, decided to go the way of a reality TV series with her Boyfriend and former housemate in the BB Naija Mansion – Ike Onyema.

Mercy Ike and Ike Onyema show as Mercy does more clout chasing

The show’s theme will revolve around their lives- upbringing, eventual rise to fame and more.

The show is already airing on African magic TV.

The show is seen as a ploy by Mercy to keep staying relevant, what other way to whip up more sentiments other than bringing a show where she will bare her life to the whole world- A Kim Kardashian “KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS” kinda publicity whoring antics!

Tacha on the other hand is currently in the UK and has stated that she will be staying over there for a long time!

Ha ha – It’s Tacha vs Mercy and Tacha can never be outdone by her arch rival- Mercy

Abeg who that one epp?

Tacha & Mercy did the unthinkable when both parties decided to keep staying the news when both of them decided to bury the hatchet- Clout Chasing Style.

Yes since their fans have pitched them against one another in this unending Tacha vs Mercy war- Clout chasing at this point is ideal!

They met and hugged at a DSTV event with Police escort to party in the presence of other former housemates!

A clout chasing event of some sort with the two queens of clout and drama present!

It is an established fact that both characters clearly love the attention and clout; especially when it would keep them trending.

However we have seen over time that the best way to stay afloat in this dog eat dog world of being a celebrity; one has to understand the following:

  1. Clout chasing is as old as mankind; from time immemorial celebrities past or present have always employed it to keep getting the chizzlez, stay relevant and stay in the ring, honor or no honor!
  2. BB Naija has always been a stepping stone to either stay woke or go broke and irrelevant- look at Efe, Thin Tall Tony, Bisola . These peeps are all now in oblivion; why? Because these folks played nice and while Efe was busy “basing everything on Logistics” he became a celebrity relic
  3.  Tacha & Mercy understand reverse psychology and are adepts at manipulation, employing their wiles, infusing psychedelic idiosyncrasies to work on the psyche of their many fans like the Titans and (what are Eke fans even called?); making them do their bidding like the queen Bee.
  4. Yes they trend almost every day, but the real truth is that they are just overrated and only keep staying relevant by preying on the weakness of their fans making them want them; clear case of Stockholm syndrome.
  5. With all the glitz and glamour, reality TV stars don’t really have staying powers and only a bit or even too much of clout chasing is the only way to go!

That is it people!

What is in stock for both Mercy and Tacha, well like we always say


Thanks for watching

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