Teddy A Engages in Instagram Brawl With “Happiness” Crooner Kay Kings over Choice of Artists in Homecoming

by Jun 8, 2018Music Tips & Extras

One of #BB Naija’s “Double Wahala” and controversial “Toilet Sex” points-man; Teddy A,(who by the way celebrated his 30th Birthday a couple of days ago); came under some fire over his choice of “lowlife” characters who he featured in his Home coming concert or is it EP??? according to a fan of his.

This comment came from Kay Kings; an upcoming act and one of the finest hairstylist currently in the game.

Here, he took a swipe at Teddy A for featuring under-performing acts who he termed as “shaku-shaku boys” for Homecoming: while leaving out the heavyweights; below is the screen-shot of the encounter as reported by Instablog:

Teddy was quick to launch a rebuttal or clap back ( as we all call it), and told the upcoming act to take his “struggling dreads” outta his page.

A battle of words ensued between Kay Kings and other Teddy A Fans with many more taking sides with the former to drop more skating remarks on the latter’s poor form and profile since leaving the BB Naija house; while others praised him for using the “Home Coming” to promote upcoming acts:

Kay Kings, who by the way has dropped several topnotch songs like Happiness”: a song that tells a story of love and commitment- is also a stylist blazing the trail in the creative arts and Fashion industry.

He has released a lot of musical works and Happiness is one of his numerous efforts.

Happiness is a song that combines both slow paced pop rhythm, laced with some beautiful afro sounds, high-life and contemporary naija flava, to give the listener something good to sing and dance to.


You can download Happiness by Teddy A ‘s adversary and enfant-terrible – KayKings.

As at the time of writing this post, Teddy A has already deleted the post on his IG page, and one wonders why our so called Naija celebs are quick to respond with clap-backs to attacks on their person and then failing to acknowledge nice comments by their fans?

Then again, how this will turnout especially for Kay Kings in the coming days is yet to be seen, will he exploit this to his advantage and maybe get an invite from Teddy ? or will it die down naturally as evident by the swiftness of the latter in deleting this post to avoid giving the former something to revel over while enjoying his five minutes of fame?

While you are still pondering over this state of affairs. you can take out a little of your time to ↓Download “KayKings Happiness”↓ to feel the immense musical strength, talent and character he portrays.

Finally,  let’s know what you feel by dropping your comments and reactions below.

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  1. kaykings

    Kaykings the sky is your beginning

  2. IPhie

    Kay kings the sky is ur stepping stone…love ur song.#blessup#

  3. David Spark

    You are going places ??


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