Tee Rhyme stay at home Vibes in Adwaman Nye

by Apr 3, 2020Ghana music, International

Poster for Adwaman nye by TEE RHYME

Tee Rhyme is one of Ghana’s finest act, understandably a dude who brings so much fun and creativity to hip hop; just like he did is this new single he calls- Adwaman Nye

This time around this Stylish Music Gang #SMG signee combines both contemporary afro pop sound with vintage high life music, berthing a fresh and eccentric sound that truly calms nerves even in this perilous times with the World struggling to nip the Covid 19 pandemic to the bud.

Adwaman Nye is a rich sound, filled with beautiful rhymes and brought carefully together by the ingenuity of the producer Drumnashin. Who essentially used this sound to resurrect Ghana’s rudimentary high life sounds and beats, expertly fusing it with hip hop.

Tee Rhyme truly brought the vibes and the heat and Adwaman Nye is a song worth taking the top spot in your coronavirus quarantine playlist.

With everyone at home, let’s get our freak on and back with this superb tune by Ghana’s lyrical monster- Tee Rhyme

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