The best of non popular rap – -Mid-week playlist-

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So when it comes to rap, we usually know the popular ones. Rappers like Kendrick, Drake, Eminem and the rest of them.


On our playlist this week, we bring you some really good rappers but haven’t really gotten on mainstream.


Some of them are on the mainstream but you might not know them so, let’s get down to business.



Joyner Lucas – Devils work



Dax – Book of Revelations



ANTH – can we please go back



King Von – Armed and dangerous



Indii G. – Drifting




So tell us about what you think on these rappers. Kindly comment in the comments section below.


This is Gbedustreet, we got you inspired by music.


Written By Ultimate Akpenyi

Ultimate Akpenyi is a passionate writer and a music artist. Born into a family of six, he loves controversial issues and also celebrates every kind of success. Keen in speaking about people and showcasing behind the scene lives of celebrities, we should be on the look out for him

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