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Many times we tend to struggle for alot of things that we end up being tired and broken from the war.
For some, it’s not a war, it’s been series of wars. From one to the other, we have tried and gotten tired of trying.

Then there is the non ending war… we have been fighting for this since day one and we are up to 12 years and counting but yet it’s like the war just got started.

An African adage says “life itself is war”. From the day we were born, we were born into a world full of fights. sometimes we try to shy away from them but we still end up fighting for one thing and the other.

We fight for career, fight for love, fight for success, fight for family, fight for the future, fight against our dark pasts, fight to get to the top, fight to remain at the top.

Even the madman fights with the spirits and his mentality. War is everywhere. So we look around and say “why me? why is the other person succeeding and I’m not?” truth is that, even a king that rests at home, fight secret wars. (now that’s a deep side to enter into).

Never envy another man’s Happiness because you are crying now. Life has it’s time, seasons and dates. If you look closely at your life, you would discover that even the mistakes you thought you made, somehow contributed to your growth.

Now there’s the very important side of the fight. Never give up! Soldiers see their friends die at gunshots or explosions, they watch the sun fade down and the night creep in but yet the bullets are raining.

Most times the firepower is reducing on their side and yet their enemies seem to be advancing, It still doesn’t mean that they should just run into random bullets or kill themselves because there’s one thing when it comes to war, and it’s that; anything can happen, and even at the last minute, help can come.

Sometimes we give up just when help is a mile away, we give up because those we hoped to stand and fight with us are no more or are now on the other side fighting against us.

Stay strong, keep fighting. someone once said “you never lose till you accept defeat and remain defeated”

Life can knock us down a thousand times but the world is know as the place where only the fittest survive. This doesn’t mean that they never were defeated, but then they re-strategized and came back again. this time, stronger and better with more determination and lessons from the previous defeat.

When Nigerian boxer and world champion, Anthony Joshua lost his match to Ruiz he accepted that he got defeated and went home, prepared himself and mind and fixed a rematch, to which he reclaimed his world title.

This is what we are born into, defeat is part of the war but losing your aim is decided by your decisions. Keep the hopes and dreams alive.

I once told a boss, it’s okay to cry. yes! Kings and Queens cry in their closets and after they cry they find a way to stand up, make plans and authorize the next move even though all hope seems lost.

Never say never, keep fighting, lose and push till you win. It’s okay to lose, it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to be thrown to the ground but in the end rise!

This is the fight, this is our life. Fight! We believe in you!

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Ultimate Akpenyi is a passionate writer and a music artist. Born into a family of six, he loves controversial issues and also celebrates every kind of success. Keen in speaking about people and showcasing behind the scene lives of celebrities, we should be on the look out for him

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