Thirdson Links up With his Ride in “Benz”

by Jul 4, 2018Afro pop

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Thirdson is an upcoming vocalist with a love for the four wheels, with special emphasis on the Deutsch Made Mercedes Benz; busting the mic in his chosen Afro-Pop genre, and displays this undiluted love in this hot new song he calls –“Benz”

Benz is a song about hardwork, positive obsession and fulfillment; you could truly feel the connection Thirdson espouses while dropping the vocals, ensuring that his lyrics are explanatory enough for the listener, most especially for one to understand the reason behind this unbridled obsession of the Benz.

I truly loved the low pitch that sets the stage for the song, then the soft and appealing tone that welcomes you making you empathetic while you listen to Thirdson singing sonorously, another thing that makes this song endearing , is its subtlety and simplicity even as our boy drops some narratives that will make you a dreamer and one with a longing for the benz.

This laid back piece of musical creation was produced by DJ Wizard who made a sterling combination of beats with a blend of the flute and finished in a symphony of sounds that will give you a sense of accomplishment. Then a near perfect vocal delivery by our boy, laid back, but quite dope if you know what I mean. I also loved the lyrical compilation he exhibits, by clearly redefining the love our crooner has for his mum, who he asserts her entitlement to this car courtesy of him- Thirdson

If you are a fan of slow, soft and cool music, then this track is worth gracing your play-list even as you join Thirdson as he vibrates beautifully while singing ” God Knows our plans (2x)…I must drive in a benz.. I must cruise round in a benz…”

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