THREE DAYS to VALENTINE on Gbedustreet (Part 2)

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Love in the air
tension in the mind
Beauty in the eyes of the beholders

This is day 2 on the three days to Valentine’s series, I’m sure you enjoyed yesterday’s episode as we learnt more about love and it’s issues especial coming to the part of telling your crush how you feel and how to go about it.

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Today we continue from the part of how to go about expressing and showing your love.


Hmmm, it’s a Big turn off for you to approach your special somebody smelling like fish, soup, or smelling with sweat and dirt. like I mean what do you expect to happen when you come like that? you might not have lot of money for an expensive cologne but at least even if it’s a roll-on of #700 that scents nice, it will do.

wash properly and spray something nice as you dress up. Coming to the part of spraying something nice, please and please let it be moderate. It’s not till the vapor and scent of the perfume or cologne becomes visible on you like an iced fish before you know you smell nice. just a bit here and there and then you are good to go.


Here’s a two in one point. we know you attended Oxfords University and all but please this is not the time to show off your diction and grammatical prowess.

just speak in simple words and take them one at a time. you might say “but I’m not learned” don’t stress it, say the little you can and be honest. honesty in speech covers up grammatical flaws (though you should try as best as possible to control it). when you speak from your heart, there’s this feel of emotional Aura that envelopes you and your partner.

Try pouring out your heart and don’t hold back on your emotions it’s a big secret to penetrating hearts yes instead of writing down a long note of sermon, just think about what your heart says and amplify it through your words and actions. I’m wishing you all the best in getting the Love of your life soon.

that’s it for now on today’s episode on our THREE DAYS TO VALENTINE SERIES exclusively on gbedustreet. tomorrow which is the last day we would be talking about some real secrets on the first date. it would contain true life experiences from many couples around the world. don’t miss out on this!

Meanwhile enjoy this beautiful love visual from naija’s finest JOEBOY, he calls this one BEGINNING… Feel the love vibes

Joeboy – Beginning (Source: Youtube)

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