Three Days To Valentine on Gbedustreet

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every where you turn now talks about love.
we are just three days away from the highly anticipated valentines day. Lots of guys are planning and scheming for one or two sister Deborah’s in the hood this week.
A little piece of advice; don’t allow amaka disappoint you. if Amaka doesn’t come to you, you go to Amaka! Gbam!

Welcome to THREE DAYS to VALENTINE here we would discuss on some issues concerning the love factor. truth is that this is a season of expressing Love and selflessness to our loved ones. it’s not all about sex! sex!! sex!!!
You love someone? show it. in Clever J’s song he said “if you love somebody walk up to her and tell her you love her oh” A very important issue now is What if it’s the girl that loves him, should she walk up to him and tell him she loves him?

Before you answer i want to tell you that lots of Africa ladies have tried it. the issue now is what were the results? As for me, I’ve had ladies struggle with themselves and finally get to tell me what they felt for me but most times I didn’t have any feeling towards the lady and other times they came when I wasn’t single. (just because I’m trying to be good oh)

You see? for we guys, rejection isn’t so much of a big deal to us cus most times we carry at the back of our minds that she can say a big NO but you see, if a lady is being rejected by a guy she loves enough to put away her shame and insecurities, she would really be hurt even if she tries to pretend not to be hurt.

don’t get me wrong though, guys too do suffer emotional rejections, like I mean especially when the love is genuine. So what can be done because I have someone to tell?

Let’s do this;

First look deep into your heart and ask yourself, If He/she says no would I give up on the chase? I’ve met happily married couples whose relation started because the lady knew what she wanted and kept on till she got him.
Now, for guys even when she says she’s not interested, we try the more, impress her with our looks and money if available but what about a Lady?..

Here’s a secret, Guys love to be pampered and at the same time still have our space. so you don’t just barge into his life and try to be everywhere he goes (set awon MTN). start by dropping friendly messages and don’t look desperate with it. Let him feel comfortable around you even as a friend, be a good listener ( guys love ladies that can listen even if you don’t understand it, listen and try to be supportive), use your money to call him and show some care occasionally, take him out (in our next article tomorrow we discuss the putting Part for both sides) finally buy him nice gifts. try these things and my dear you will have your personality stamped to his heart. guys I know this isn’t all too effective like for the ladies but it works wonders too.


Imagine a guy coming to you looking like a used broken mop stick. guys with the dreads (set awon Burna Boy) keep it clean and step out nice. for the ladies Look classy and elegant not sexy. when you look sexy you will end up getting a sex partner but when you look beautiful and speak with Grace you will get a spouse for life. first impressions really matter. No be say you go wear suit for hot afternoon come trek go her side. You can step out simple and still get his or her attention, as long as you are neat. Guys cut your nails, it’s a big turn off for most ladies. Most importantly about looking good is your foot-wear! Do you know that after your face the next part a lady would look at is your feet? wear something good, mustn’t be expensive but nice…….

that’s it for now, read my next article tomorrow on the THREE DAYS TO VALENTINE SERIES as we would be talking about other ways to get that special crush of yours into becoming your Honey pie and sweetheart.

This year’s Valentine would be beautiful for us. Enjoy this beautiful love song by M.I ft Waje – one million.

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