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Final part of this series of The THREE DAYS TO VALENTINE.
Today we are going to talk about the experiences people have had on their first dates.
we would learn the good and bad parts and know how to be Gentlemen and Elegant ladies

First of if you are just reading this for the first time, you can read our other series by clicking on the link below

So on the first date what should we look out for?

For the guys, watch and observe what she is wearing and compliment her to her pleasure. mind that I said to her pleasure because sometimes what we feel about her dress might sound Abit insulting especially because we are still new to each other. so just say simple loving things like ; you are wearing a very nice scent, Beautiful earrings you got on. And please be mindful of pet names so you don’t call her a pet name she wouldn’t like.

Also for the ladies, Guys love compliments and pet names too but not too intimate pet names, please it’s just the first date. Compliment his clothes even if it’s not too cool, you can fix that later but don’t kill his moral or emotions by judging his looks.

For the ladies, this is not the time to start pouring out your life history or talking about how much guys have played you because some bad baddo baddest guys might use it against you in the court of hmmmm…. if you Know, you Know.
Guys please and please, what is ; My past girlfriends left me because they met one sugar daddy or because I wasn’t giving her big money? abeg shift.!

Why discuss your ex’s with your date? have you discussed life, plans, hopes, funny moments and so much more with her that you would start ranting about how girls are unfaithful. Yet you expect the date to go well? think again! Let your dates pleasure be your concern.

Finally this part can ruin everything that you have tried to build. What are your plans Bros? So many people have painted Valentine a black day because a lot of wrong things happen on the day! Girls get drugged, guys go extra miles just to sleep with the Beautiful lady. It’s almost all about sex! sex!! sex!!!
Truth is that 90% of men would have sexual urges on the first date but only a few can control their sexual emotions. It’s not like ladies would not want to do the do, but we must all learn to curtail this issue.

This is why girls cry that they were used and guys would say they are no longer feeling the relationship, why not? when all the feelings were directed to sex on the first date and lust took over your emotions.
The date can end on high notes of smiles and blushes. Be a gentleman and take her home and you might be lucky to steal a kiss from her heart not sex from her body. This would keep you in your dates mind that you could be so curtailed and that you can be trusted to be true. Thats it for now….

Enjoy your Valentine day and date, mind you even the most simplest places and get the biggest spark in your dates eyes, it all depends on how much you can love.
Enjoy this beautiful love tune from CHRIS BROWN he calls it WITH YOU

Chris Brown – With You (source : Youtube)

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