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Hello there, welcome to another business week. This week on business Mondays we discuss a key secret on how to talk about your business.

You can either talk up your business or talk it down, so let’s get to it!

Let’s face it, when we go to a networking or other type of event, we get excited when someone asks us about our business. Especially if it is someone who has never heard our great story before.

We get emotional, and we get ready to tell this remarkable story about how we created the greatest idea and started our fantastic business. If we pay close attention though, we see that after about 30 seconds, the person’s eyes glass over, and we realize they’re not really paying close attention. But, of course, we keep on talking because our story must be told.

Here are 6 tips to help you tell your story without losing anyone’s interest.

1. The Problem

Talk about the problem that the business is solving.

For example, if you have a cupcake business, you might say, “you know how hard it is to find good cupcakes in this area?” Then you might say, “I started a cupcake business in this area to solve that problem.” This establishes a true purpose for your business.

2. Who has the problem?

Now let’s talk about the people that have the problem.

You might say “people have told me over and over they wish they could find good place to get great cupcakes around here.” This establishes that there are people that have the problem, your potential customers.

3. Your solution to the problem

This is where you talk about your solution to the problem, your business.

You might say, “that’s why two years ago I decided to start Marc’s Cupcake Shop. We offer the best homemade cupcakes in this area. We offer the standard cupcakes that most people like as well as cupcakes that we can create from the imagination of our customers,” This is your great solution to the problem.

4. Why you?

This is where you tell why buy from you.

You might say, “I have been making cupcakes for over 10 years for friends, family and local events and decided to take it to the next level and open a cupcake business.” This will tell people why they should buy from you.

5. How can they find you

Tell them how to find you.

You can say, “we are located at 123 Main St. or you can find us online at www.Marc’scupcakesshop.com.” Ask them to come by your store and try something out, or go to your website and sign up for your email newsletter. This is your ask, the most important sometimes forgotten part of your speech.

6. Now this is the hard part 

Stop talking!

Let the person ask questions to find out more about your business.  This is when to answer the questions that are most important to the person you’re talking to. Answer the questions so they will take action.


This entire process should only take you 60 seconds or less. This will allow you to either engage in more conversation or easily move on to someone else. Remember your purpose at this event is to meet as many people as you can. Your next goal is to get as many people as you can to take action by going to your site, stopping by your location or scheduling a time to talk further.

Bonus Tip: If someone says that would like talk with you another time, get out your phone, and try your best to get it scheduled right now. Don’t wait! Take action now!

Share with us how this article has helped you in the comments section below. Stay connected, we got you covered.

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