Tublaze Elevated Concert 2019…coming soon

Alade, Maria & Lagos Vibes Crooner- the indefatigable vocal maestro himself, Tublaze, is planning to thrill his fans come first quarter of 2019 as he sets to hit the scenes with his highly anticipated concert- TUBLAZE ELEVATED.

Feelers reaching us here is that this event is gonna be lit and from all indications, he plans to use this medium to gain more traction for his career and win more fans to his music.

As expected, Gbedustreet TV will be live at the Event scheduled to hold at the Federal University Otueke, Bayelsa State come first quarter of 2019.

We will keep y’all posted and trust us , we will also bring you all the Behind The Scene moments as this show gets on the Road, come 2019…


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